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Allama Ayaz Nizami, an Atheist blogger from Pakistan, has been accused of prompting many Pakistanis to call for his death with the hashtag #HangAyazNizami.

Twitter, which seemingly is more concerned with thought-crime than actual threats of death, allegedly let #HangAyazNizami achieve ‘trending’ status.

#HangAyazNizami is trending on Twitter. He is a atheist blogger arrested couple of days ago in Pakistan.

What a disaster.

— Faisal Saeed AlMutar (@faisalalmutar) March 25, 2017

Nizami, whose only crime was speaking out against Islam, was accused of blasphemy – a crime punishable by death in Pakistan.

Under Twitter’s rules, users  “may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease. We also do not allow accounts whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others on the basis of these categories.”

Yet, tweets promoting violence against Nizami are still in large supply.

#HangAyazNizami or you will be considered the companion of Satan and facilitator of satanic propaganda against Holy Prophet Mohammad pbuh.

— Hudi Khuwan (@Hkn092) March 26, 2017

Strong proofs are available against Ayaz Nizami & Co. Come on Govt now #HangAyazNizami without any if n but. pic.twitter.com/nij0m3POTI

— جمہورپسند (@JamhoorFactor) March 25, 2017

Call me extremist or what..but there is no compromise over the Hurmat of Prophet PBUH.#HangAyazNizami

— اسامہ (@Osama_z1a) March 25, 2017

People who thinks this is extremism to raise voice to #HangAyazNizami , Sir/Mrs this is the lowest punishment that we are asking for

— Abdullah Ibn Rafiq (@AirDawah) March 26, 2017

Hang every hidden and exposed blasphemer.

— Hamood Munawwar (@Hamood786) March 26, 2017

One nation!
One demand!#HangAyazNizami

— Mohammad Saad (@hafizsaadriaz) March 25, 2017

Ayaz nizami has malign Islamic ideology with satirical habit & misquoted Prophet of islam & about his life on social media#HangAyazNizami

— Rokra (@Rokra_R) March 25, 2017

The website has removed trending hashtags before; #DNCLeaks, #WhichHillary and #JeSuisMilo come to mind.

Many people are calling the social media platform out today for failing to clamp down on #HangAyazNizami.

Everybody who advocates for murder in the #HangAyazNizami hashtag is gonna get suspended, right @Twitter? pic.twitter.com/XRMdqB5UHd

— ???? and ???? in ???????? (@thachampagne) March 26, 2017

#HangAyazNizami is trending on Twitter. He is a atheist blogger arrested couple of days ago in Pakistan.

What a disaster.

— Faisal Saeed AlMutar (@faisalalmutar) March 25, 2017

Why the fuck is twitter allowing #HangAyazNizami to trend? Where is a SJW when you need one? #atheist #atheism is only cure for this disease

— God Is Not Great (@no_god_is_great) March 26, 2017

So @twitter, here's a hashtag advocating murder. I've got 100 to 1 you don't remove it. Hypocrites #HangAyazNizami

— tellurianna (@tellurianna) March 26, 2017

People posting #HangAyazNizami are calling for the death of a specific individual.
I can't wait for Twitter to clamp down on this.


— 6oodfella (@6ame) March 26, 2017



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