Aetna wants to create a ‘Genius Bar’ at CVS, and it could forever change the way Americans access healthcare

  • CVS Health and Aetna’s $69 billion merger would create an entirely new healthcare company, one that contains an insurer, pharmacy, and a company that negotiates prescription drug costs, among other businesses. 
  • The deal would put a lot more of the healthcare system under CVS’s oversight and change the way people access their healthcare. 
  • It might mean, for instance, that a lot more healthcare happens outside a traditional doctor’s office.

CVS Health‘s $69 billion merger with the health insurer Aetna could put a lot more of the healthcare system all under one roof. 

“The real important part here is that we need to understand that almost 60% of Americans don’t have a regular doctor. A lot of people can’t get in to see the doctor they want to see. So I view the offering — I think it’s less about what the store looks like and more about the offering, and the experience the customer gets is really about a patient-centered medical home model, where we’re supporting interaction with the medical community, preparing people for appropriate compliance, preparing them for their visits, setting up appointments, eliminating prior ops, doing all those other sorts of things to help navigate that system for them. So the relationship becomes one of trust. And what I want to use over and over and over again because it makes it so much simpler.”

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