HAHAHA! Anti-gunners react to the passage of concealed carry reciprocity…and it’s HILARIOUS!

Today, the House of Representatives passed their version of the Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill. Of course, anti-gunners were quick to take to Twitter to cry about the passage. What they had to say was nothing short of stupid…and at sometimes, funny.

Uhhh….I don’t think that’s how that works.

Hey Jon. Maybe you need a lesson on the Constitution here. The Second Amendment is a God-given Constitutional right. In theory, there should be no laws that infringe upon that right. But guess what? They’re there. And now Congress has a duty to make sure the laws are applied fairly across all states. You know why? Because your right to bear arms doesn’t stop at a state line.

Can celebrities please come up with something different to compare the NRA to? Seriously. If you want to call any organization a terrorist organization, maybe take a look at, oh, I don’t know…Antifa?

Don’t you find it interesting that people like Gabby Giffords, who are legal gun owners, speak out against the very same objects that protect them? Really makes you go ‘hmmm.’

Actually, Nancy, what the House of Representatives did is a HUGE win for single women and women who have been victims of domestic violence. You know why? Because now they don’t have to wait months to get a permit that allows them to protect themselves from their abuser.


LOLOLOL! Actually…the power is with the people. And the majority of Americans are law-abiding gun owners. WE wanted this legislation and our leaders are finally listening to us. Amazing how that works, right?

I’m sorry you had a gun held to your head. What makes you think that those who follow the law will be just like your mugger? You do realize criminals don’t obtain guns the legal way, right?

These wife-beating idiots already carried firearms. Now good guys can carry guns too.

Oh, Governor. How uneducated you truly are. It’s quite sad, really.

Let’s break this down for you, shall we?

Say a guy with a violent misdemeanor from New Jersey picks up a gun on the black market (shocking, I know) and puts it in his pants. He then drives over the Jersey Turnpike and into New York. He just broke the law because A) he’s a criminal and shouldn’t have a gun, B) is transporting a gun across state lines, which is also illegal and C) HE’S ALREADY BREAKING THE LAW.

This bill doesn’t make what he’s doing legal. He’s still not allowed to possess a gun but remember, that’s what criminals do. For goodness sake, the definition of a criminal is someone who breaks the law. This bill allows people to freely carry across state lines. The people who weren’t breaking these laws are the GOOD GUYS with guns, not the bad guys. You know why? Because the good guys respect laws and follow them. Criminals do not.

Leave it to these lefties to make us all out to be the bad guy.

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