‘NRA behaves like a terrorist group’: WATCH Grant Stinchfield take a SLEDGEHAMMER to the mainstream media

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has a powerful new ad that takes aim at the mainstream media.

At NRATV, our greatest weapon against the lying #fakenews #MSM is Truth. pic.twitter.com/4om2Aatqgm

— NRATV (@NRATV) February 12, 2018

The best part? Grant Stinchfield didn’t say a PEEP during the ad and liberals are already triggered.

👇👇👇 So help me smash the lies of the media with the sledge hammer of truth. https://t.co/eurhk0x1nq

— Grant Stinchfield (@stinchfield1776) February 12, 2018

And when Grant shared the video, he had a hater.

What about your lies, Grant? https://t.co/l8vlpkl0iX

— rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) February 12, 2018

What lies are you referring to?

Why are you so angry with me @rolandsmartin ? Something scare you about the truth? https://t.co/8Kmy7g0sE3

— Grant Stinchfield (@stinchfield1776) February 12, 2018

Come to the dark side, Roland. The truth will set you free.

#NRA propaganda resembles that of #ISIS. Years of actual oppression, poverty and bombings and they’d basically be the American version. But with “Christian Values”, of course.

Stoking fear to push a hateful & violent agenda. Basically a domestic terrorist organization.

— Skittle E.B. Bop (@SkittleEBBop) February 12, 2018

Correction: The NRA promotes the Second Amendment, which can be found in the United State’s Bill of Rights. ISIS, on the other hand, promotes the beheading of people. You can’t exactly equate the two.

If pushing to protect our Constitutional rights is considered a “hateful and violent agenda” then you seriously need to go back to high school government.

Agreed, @nra behaves like a terrorist group. There is no reasoning with them, and they are encouraging all this angry divisiveness that is just plain ugly.

— Karen Rylander (@KarenRylander) February 12, 2018

They’re encouraging people to stand up for their God-given rights. How is that divisive?

There is something seriously wrong with you people.

— Debbie Trumbley (@debbie_trumbley) February 12, 2018

There’s something wrong with us because we’re tired of the mainstream media spewing lies? Got it.

You know what ELSE stops one from hearing the “fake” news…

Turning OFF the TV, OR and here’s a concept that apparently the NRATV choir does not understand… WATCH. A. MORE. POLITICALLY. ALIGNED. NEWS. NETWORK.

— Politically agnostic (@joeleyare) February 12, 2018

It’s so funny that liberals are getting their panties in a bunch over Stinchfield smashing the television. You DO realize that it’s a metaphor, right?

PS: How does one “return” their Life Membership?

Asking for a friend who is tired of the snowflake crybaby NRATV hired and the fact that the NRA apparently has better things to deal with than, say, SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

— Politically agnostic (@joeleyare) February 12, 2018


You’re so triggered. The First and Second Amendments go hand-in-hand, you know. You can’t protect the First without the Second.

wow cool but you’re not a real weapon against fake news unless you burn your house down and give all your money to charity

— SporkBoots (@sporkboot) February 12, 2018

Talk about a troll fail.

Isolate yourself from everyone and everything because you can’t possibly make your own decisions. Grow paranoid against your fellow Americans. At least you’ll buy more guns right?

— et cetera & so forth (@StopDropResist) February 12, 2018

When the mainstream media is continually coming after the Second Amendment, it’s not being paranoid. It’s acknowledging they’re against you. Period.

What I gather from that is that truth is a large hammer. Not in my world. Hope the dude doesn’t have kids.

— Yippylippy (@Yippylippy) February 12, 2018

Just because he smashed a TV for a commercial doesn’t mean he’s going to do the same thing to his kids. But then again, that’s the liberal mentality equating the two.

doubling down on trying to compensate for being under endowed

— Bangkok Buck (@tokyotrojan) February 12, 2018

Says someone with the name “Bangkok” on Twitter. Yeah. Okay.

This is some weird-ass shit. I’m a socialist and i love muh guns…but I would never want to be affiliated with some wacko organization like this. What does this even have to do with firearms? Why can’t you advocate education over fearmongering? Why is this even a partisan issue?

— shane (@_millimeter) February 12, 2018

A socialist who likes guns? That’s an interesting combination.

You guys have all the guns, but you’re afraid of your tv set? #facethetruth #dontbeasnowflake #gunsense

— Major Havoc (@therealbigdiehl) February 12, 2018

HAHAHA. Don’t you just LOVE when liberals try using the “snowflake” term? Doesn’t work when you’re wearing your p*ssyhats and crying over Trump being president.

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