‘DIABOLICAL’: This puts media’s ‘evil’ love affair with North Korea in FRIGHTENING perspective

The media’s coverage of North Korea over the past several days has been a lot of things: Shameful. Nauseating. Infuriating.

But worse than all that, it’s downright dangerous. Tweeter PoliticalMath explains:

What absolutely horrifies me about this is that N Korea will take these stories and show them to the people they torture to prove to than that all their hope is useless and the outside world actually loves the regime https://t.co/TyDCRyZByZ

— PoliticalMath (@politicalmath) February 11, 2018

That certainly seems to be the message much of our media is sending.

The evil of the N Korea puff pieces is not about what we do with them, but about what they do with them

— PoliticalMath (@politicalmath) February 11, 2018

Bingo. While our media are fawning over a murderous, sadistic communist regime, they’re putting the citizens of North Korea in even greater danger than they’re already in.

Damn. You’re right.

— Fiona McCool (@fiona_mccool) February 11, 2018

What a great point. MSM coverage of this is diabolical.

— Cary Novak (@CaryNovak) February 11, 2018

“Diabolical” is the perfect word.

Very astute and scary.

— Charles Tomey (@TomeyCharles) February 11, 2018

Parting reminder for our spineless media about the brutal regime they’re currently celebrating:

After a 2005 performance, 21 members of North Korea’s cheer squad were sent to a prison camp for speaking about what they saw in South Korea pic.twitter.com/SdgYfCtktW

— VICE News (@vicenews) February 12, 2018

The North Korean people need our media to be their voice; not their government’s willing mouthpieces.

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