‘I’ve never agreed with a Commie before’: WATCH Tucker Carlson TAKE ON a LOONIE North Korea sympathizer

Tucker Carlson is no stranger to having oddballs on his show. On Monday night, he had Deirdre Griswold, a North Korea sympathizer, on his show to talk about the country. To say it was interesting is a gross understatement.

Deirdre Griswold: “The people of North Korea are very aware of what’s going on in the world…They are people who want to get out from underneath the threat of war that the U.S. has posed ever since it invaded their country.” #Tucker pic.twitter.com/rtMWIgrUT5

— Fox News (@FoxNews) February 13, 2018

And apparently, the craziness that goes on in North Korea is somehow America’s fault? Whaaaat?!

If you thought that clip was crazy, just watch the full interview:

Tucker: Hard to find a dictator the left hasn’t supported https://t.co/WcUo8aXd4M

— William Amos (@WilliamAmos) February 13, 2018

What in the fresh hell is this lady smokin’?

OMG… Tucker Carlson must really enjoy tormenting leftists. “Does it bother you North Koreans are starving and their leader is dying of obesity?” #TuckerCarlsonTonight pic.twitter.com/qadEsmrPyv

— Joe Gooding 💯🇺🇸 (@joegooding) February 13, 2018

He knows what to say at the PERFECT time.

This Tucker interview with this die-hard commie is totally insane. She says N. Koreans are not starving …

— Matt Vespa (@mVespa1) February 13, 2018

What hole is she living in?

She clearly has never spoken to anyone from that region. Or read a book.

— Sharlotte Jackson (@CoachSharlotte) February 13, 2018

But she did read that one CIA book, so gotta give her credit there. Even if it is a small ounce of credit.

@TuckerCarlson Congratulations! You have just interviewed the biggest loon on this planet, DippyDeirdre and she’s in the running for looniest in the universe. This woman could cook sushi. #TuckerCarlsonTonight

— John (@SimplyPutbyJR) February 13, 2018

If Tucker got an award for this interview, he’d look something like Tom Brady receiving the Lombardi trophy:

Hey, Clark’s crazy aunt was just on with @TuckerCarlson and it went pretty well for the audience, and the host too, natch. pic.twitter.com/yBxniPmlQ9

— Rasp2018 (@DailyRasp) February 13, 2018

We all have that one crazy aunt…

@TuckerCarlson hey where do you find these people? pic.twitter.com/gOSie84Iqh

— Rob (@hawaiirobin1) February 13, 2018

They’re probably trolls.

Oh look….. Tucker Carlson is batting around an angry out-of-control feminazi for fun tonight.

Deidre Griswold is batshyt crazy.

Liberal Women of about her age range is where it all went wrong.

They should have kept their damn bras on.#TuckerCarlsonTonight

— Bodie (@MzBodie) February 13, 2018

It’s like watching a real-life Reddit exchange.

@TuckerCarlson where did u find this lady😂😂 tucker must have a data base for this shit I swear😂 https://t.co/HI6I5G5D3B

— sECHtion_315_Row_6 (@dECH_The_Halls) February 13, 2018

I’m telling you, he MUST find Twitter and Reddit trolls. Where else could he get this kind of character from?

Some one buy her a one way non refundable ticket to North Korea. #Korea #Tucker #Lotto pic.twitter.com/ycya5w7iMP

— kevin Warmhold (@KevWarmhold) February 13, 2018

Start a Go Fund Me account and you’re sure to get that funded REAL QUICK.

Hey #Tucker

How many Cats does she have? My money is on 6 minimum #FoxNews Thanks for Booking the #IdiotsOfTheEvening https://t.co/rVhyKwDqp3

— 🦅🇺🇸Habeeb🇺🇸🦅 (@MichaelHabeeb1) February 13, 2018

Probably closer to 32.

She still owns a b/w TV..

— Stephen Minton (@Mintman0007) February 13, 2018

The kind that requires you to get up and switch the knob…You know, like this…

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