Sony Pictures apologizing for ‘controversial scene’ making light of food allergies

The ads for Sony Pictures’ “Peter Rabbit” suggest the movie doesn’t hew too closely the book, with the gang of computer-generated rabbits upping the violence against Mr. McGregor considerably.

Sony Pictures issued an apology Monday, but not for the slapstick violence; rather, the studio was sorry for making a joke out of food allergies.

Sony Pictures is apologizing for a controversial scene in its new kids’ movie “Peter Rabbit,” where it features rabbits throwing blackberries at their nemesis Mr. McGregor even though they know he’s allergic to them.

— CBS News (@CBSNews) February 12, 2018

“A controversial scene.”

Sony Pictures released a statement saying “food allergies are a serious issue” & the film “should not have made light” of a character being allergic to blackberries “even in a cartoonish, slapstick way”

— Hollywood Reporter (@THR) February 12, 2018

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The charity group Kids With Food Allergies posted a warning about the scene on its Facebook page Friday prompting some on Twitter to start using the hashtag #boycottpeterrabbit. The group said that allergy jokes are harmful to their community and that making light of the condition “encourages the public not to take the risk of allergic reactions seriously.”

Kenneth Mendez, the president and CEO of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, wrote an open letter to the studio Saturday asking for the opportunity to educate the company and the film’s cast on the realities of food allergies and urged the studio to “examine your portrayal of bullying in your films geared toward a young audience.”

“We’ve heard the complaint of yet another whiny group of offended victims. Apparently they’re also allergic to humor.”

There’s your statement, Sony.

— Jesse Kelly® (@JesseKellyDC) February 12, 2018

And here I thought the scene merely reinforced the importance of carrying an epi pen at all times if you or a loved one has allergies.

Also, we’re good with them repeatedly trying to damage his genitals?

— Sean T at RCP (@SeanTrende) February 12, 2018

We. Are. Doomed.

— Bret Easton Ellis (@BretEastonEllis) February 12, 2018

We’re finished as a civilisation, aren’t we?

— Stephen Daisley (@JournoStephen) February 12, 2018

Dumbest time to exist ever

— Krystle Schoonveld (@TarheelKrystle) February 12, 2018

This is why aliens don’t visit us.

— Lady Hecate (@Hecate40) February 13, 2018

This world needs a hard restart.

— Satan’s Niece (@chloe_greybill) February 12, 2018

I am almost feeling sorry for filmmakers.


— AgainstTrumpDude (@TheAmishDude) February 12, 2018

Either the ‘Hollywood Reporter’ is pulling an @TheOnion ,or society has truly fallen into chaotic madness. What the actual Hell? Allergy bullying? What?

— Caleb Raught (@CDRaught0451) February 13, 2018

At this point Loony Tunes needs an NC-17 rating.

— Ben (@BenHowe) February 12, 2018

Try rereleasing Home Alone in this environment.

— John Elnsigh (@jermsguy) February 12, 2018

Every movie from now on should just have an apology upfront to anyone who may decide to get weirdly upset about something that happens in it.

We clearly cannot deal with, like, anything anymore.

— John Squires (@FreddyInSpace) February 12, 2018

God bless these brave men and women fighting the good fight

— Go Birds Hogan (@dshogan) February 12, 2018

Meanwhile, we’re STILL waiting for Sony to apologize for the cinematic abortion that was the Ghostbusters reboot.

— Ray, as in “gRAYt” (@RayInSaintPaul) February 12, 2018

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