TFW Dana Loesch makes Sen. Chris Murphy look like a whiny MAN-BABY over Pence in North Korea

Several days ago, Mike Pence did not stand for the North Korean team’s entrance at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

The horror.

Poor North Korea.

The Latest: Vice President Mike Pence and his wife did not stand for the combined Korean team’s entrance. #OpeningCeremony

— AP Sports (@AP_Sports) February 9, 2018

And of course, Chris Murphy thought this was a perfect opportunity to slam Mike Pence and make a snarky comparison to the NFL kneeling … even though the two are nothing alike.

No one ever accused Democrats of being overly bright or thoughtful.

Why does Pence hate the opening ceremonies? Oh wait…he’s a using ceremony at a sporting event to protest something else. Where have I seen that before?

— Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) February 10, 2018


Seriously, if you can read that tweet without rolling your eyes or releasing an audible sigh you are bigger people than we are.

Seems Dana Loesch missed this stupid tweet, or ‘insane’ tweet, as she calls it – probably because Murphy sends a lot of silly tweets and it can be difficult to tell one gem from another.

I missed this insane Tweet from an elected official who cannot distinguish the American flag from the South Korean flag (under which North Korean athletes walked, the country that recently murdered the son of the American guest with Pence).

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) February 13, 2018

We’re not sure she really ‘missed it.’

We never ‘miss’ his tweets.

“He’s protesting at a sporting event by not standing and cheering another team!”

Yes, because I, a Cards fan, am “protesting” every time I don’t cheer for whomever the Cards are playing. Someone is hogging the single brain cell some of you share.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) February 13, 2018

Surely Chris has been to a sporting event before and is familiar with teams being competitive, and fans rooting for their team and not the other?

Then again he is a Democrat so it’s possible he’s unfamiliar with sports, they don’t seem to enjoy competition very much.

There is a huge difference in sitting and not acknowledging a team and sitting and not acknowledging our flag and anthem when it plays. Team and flag. Oh — and team with whom members of a country that murders Americans is marching.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) February 13, 2018

Oh, that’s right. North Korea is the most oppressive, evil, murderous regime in the world … gosh, it’s like he and the rest of Lefty America keeps forgetting about that.

Anything to make a dig at Pence though, right Chris?



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