Not woke enough? ‘Black Panther’ criticized over underrepresentation of THIS group

The new superhero film, “Black Panther,” is earning near universal praise from critics as the “first Marvel film set in a Black-ruled nation” and for its challenging of “the negative stereotypes in which the world typically views African nations.”

But remember, kids, just because you’re woke AF on one issue does not mean you’re woke AF on all issues:

Marvel misses another easy opportunity for LGBTQ representation with Black Panther

— io9 (@io9) February 12, 2018

This is why we can’t have nice things:

My favorite Marvel villain is Captain Intersectionality.

— neontaster 🚟 (@neontaster) February 13, 2018

Let’s finally make a movie about a black superhero with a black director with a nearly all black cast and then get upset that it isn’t gay.

— Diddley Squät (@Diddley_Squat) February 12, 2018

This the most annoying generation in history.

— ✩ (@Cindtrillella) February 13, 2018

Here come the complaints.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) February 13, 2018

And evergreen:

You can never be woke enough

— Sweetened Beverage Recovery Fee (@jasonelevation) February 13, 2018

Nobody can win the gold in the Woke Olympics.

— Cam Edwards (@CamEdwards) February 13, 2018

Or maybe the film is just being historically accurate?

y’all really don’t know African culture since y’all wrote this article lmao

— Jon (@jonsznz) February 13, 2018

Imagine thinking LGBTQ stuff goes well in Africa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

— Wengerball is back (@BasedChasen) February 13, 2018

Y’all think LGBTQ & Africa go together? 😂😂😂

— GGG Dolo™️ (@ImBackMaybe) February 13, 2018

And we can’t wait for Marvel’s next superhero, Vegan Man:

And vegans!! They weren’t represented either!
And the handi-capable!! Such a missed opportunity!!
And those celiac disease sufferers…!!!!

— Brad Slager 💻🥃🎬🍸 (@MartiniShark) February 13, 2018

Don’t give them any ideas.



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