Tom Steyer reminded that the government is supposed to fund the military, not public TV

According to a report in The Hill Monday, President Trump proposed to end federal funding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which  in turn provides funding for PBS and NPR. Under the proposal, funding would be phased out over a period of two years.

Public Broadcasting president fires back at Trump: Defunding PBS would destroy public media

— The Hill (@thehill) February 13, 2018

Obviously, CPB President Patricia Harrison is unhappy about the proposal, saying that “the elimination of federal funding to CPB would initially devastate and ultimately destroy public media’s role in early childhood education, public safety, connecting citizens to our history, and promoting civil discussions — all for Americans in both rural and urban communities.”

Billionaire Tom Steyer sees Trump’s budget in simpler terms:

Military: yes.
Information: no.

Got it, Mr. President.

— Tom Steyer (@TomSteyer) February 13, 2018

Who wants to tell him?

Military: Function of the Fed gov.
Entertainment: Not a function of the Fed gov.

Got it, Tom?

— Sam ‘The🐰FOO’ Janney (@PolitiBunny) February 13, 2018

I forget… Which section of the Constitution says that a role of the federal government is to fund TV and radio broadcasts? I found the part about providing a military, but not this.

— John Hornbuckle (@JohnRHornbuckle) February 13, 2018

Maybe the fact has slipped past a few people, but a lot of us out here have been wondering about the quality of that government-funded “information” for decades now.

By “information” you mean horribly slanted propaganda (NPR) and last time I checked, PBS dedicates entire weeks to pledge drives, and every show is “Brought to you by a generous grant from Arthur Daniels Midland”

— Ordy Packard’s Non-flamethrower (@TheOpulentAmish) February 13, 2018

Kind of creepy you want Gov’t controlled media?

— Judson McCulloch (@JudsonMcCulloch) February 13, 2018

PBS could fund itself like every other channel if it wanted. Spare me the sob story.

— CarodyRB (@CarodyRae) February 13, 2018

Or, Tom Steyer could write a big old check during the pledge drive, save public broadcasting, and maybe even get a sweet tote bag out of the deal.

Only trump would consider killing Big Bird.

— Her Majesty Bobo (@HerMajestyBobo) February 13, 2018

How quickly they forget … Mitt Romney was going to kill Big Bird too — remember him being hounded by discount Big Birds everywhere he went on the campaign trail? We do. And hey — Big Bird is on HBO now, and we hear he makes good money.


Romney was right AGAIN? Turns out Big Bird can survive without public funding




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