‘Sex, drugs and rock and roll’: Conservative Feminist Christina Sommers has a word of advice for Millennials and their ‘moral panics’

Conservative Feminist Baby Boomer Christina Sommers seems to think she has all Millennials pegged:

Dear kids: I’m a Baby Boomer. We are getting old. But at least we had sex, drugs and rock & roll. Seems like millennials have moral panics, workshops, and grievance circles. Time to rebel! xxMom

— Christina Sommers (@CHSommers) February 15, 2018

That’s true. There are some Millennials who LOVE to sit around, talk about their problems and sing Kumbaya (some of us, but not all).

We also had jobs – they have little chance of proper jobs……

— Stuart Robertson (@Amusd_onnlookr) February 15, 2018

What constitutes a “proper” job, anyways?

Not really. My friends and I had no concept of jobs. Plus, huge recessions. Interest rates in double digits. No generation ever had it better than today’s—especially the girls.

— Christina Sommers (@CHSommers) February 15, 2018

Think about it, Christina. Most of us Millennials have spent most of our lives in a recession.

Gross generalization about 0.5% of that population and therefore not credible

— Jay Hinman (@TheJayHinman) February 15, 2018

Which population? Baby Boomers or Millennials?

I don’t disagree. Just want the millennials to show some fight. They will. I feel it coming.

— Christina Sommers (@CHSommers) February 15, 2018

Maybe if my fellow Millennials got rid of their p*ssyhats and weren’t triggered by everything, maybe, just MAYBE we could stand up for SOMETHING.

Baby boomers ruined the global economy. Thanks.

— paco🥀 (@fjolvera27) February 15, 2018


We ended up creating it. It’s your job to stop Mr. Trump from ruining it.

— Christina Sommers (@CHSommers) February 15, 2018

The global economy was far worse than it is now.

“it” meaning the 2008 housing crisis right?

— Michael Robuenault (@MichaelRobnalt) February 15, 2018


Haha you had Jim Crow, Vietnam, and countrywide turmoil that makes today seem like child’s play.

— Frank Nuritdinov (@FrankNuritdinov) February 15, 2018

And then there’s that.

They are. They are rejecting what you believe in

— NYC Metro Area Real Estate Lawyer (@attorneygsb) February 15, 2018

That’s one way of looking at it.

I believe in kindness and freedom. And giving others the benefit of the doubt. I don’t even dislike the crazy sjws. Many of them will eventually see the light and become passionate freedom fighters. Mom will welcome them with open arms.

— Christina Sommers (@CHSommers) February 15, 2018

SJWs will forever be self-absorbed SJWs.

Can’t forget that good ole blatant racism and segregation… 🙄 Hell, my grandfather came back from WWII to a country that treated him like a second class citizen.

— Sāvion (@SavionWright) February 15, 2018

But Baby Boomers are the greatest generation…EVER!

Boomers are the ones who came AFTER the Greatest Generation. You’re kinda like the poor guy who will come after Tom Brady, a disappointment.

— Chris Jones (@jonesnews) February 15, 2018

Don’t give Tom Brady so much credit.

Are you serious?! We have antibiotic resistant gonorreah. There is nothing cooler than that.

— Kristine Breault (@BreaultKristine) February 15, 2018

Well then…

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