Parkland Florida and the deadliest shootings in US history all have one thing in common — the AR-15


  • Wednesday’s mass shooting, which killed 17 and injured 14 at Parkland, Florida’s Majory Stoneman Douglas High School, involved an AR-15.
  • The same gun has been used in the deadliest shootings in modern US history.
  • Despite reportedly being banned from carrying a backpack to his own high school for disciplinary reasons, the shooter was allowed to buy and carry the AR-15.

“The AR-15 has soared in popularity amongst gun owners, due to a wide-range of factors. It is customizable, adaptable, reliable and accurate that can be used in sport shooting, hunting and self-defense situations.

“Civilians can also modify and personalize their AR-15 from carbine-length, stocks, optics, barrels, etc. The AR-15s ability to be modified to your own personal taste is one of the things that makes it so unique.”

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