‘Scumbag’: CAP’s Igor Volsky pushes LIE about Dana Loesch blaming ‘classmates’, gets SERIOUS reality-CHECK

Igor Volsky’s Twitter feed reminds us of a bitter ex-girlfriend who thinks her old boyfriend should care what she’s tweeting. Seriously, it’s like all he knows how to do is slime people and lie about them because that’s what most gun-grabbers do.

Like this accusation he made against Dana Loesch:

This disgusting tweet blaming “neighbors and classmates” for the deaths of 17 people in their community was paid for by @NRA.

Top spokesperson @DLoesch was pushing this exact message on Twitter last night.

These people are beyond reprehensible. We must AND WE WILL defeat them https://t.co/rdDsTA5Sbj

— igorvolsky (@igorvolsky) February 15, 2018

They will defeat us … HA HA HA.

Sorry, but that always makes us laugh, a gun-grabber pretending they’re the ones who have any authority over legal gun-owners.

Not to mention Dana was NOT pushing that message last night after the shooting, and if Igor had bothered to actually look at her feed he’d know that.

Trouble is that lots of people raised red flags about this guy, but no one acted. Sounds like there were lots of legal barriers to helping.

— Unreptentent Liberal (@60slib1) February 15, 2018

But Trump! But Dana! But the NRA!

Please cite said push.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) February 15, 2018

Guess what, he never did.

Because he’s full of shiznit.

Dana spent most of the evening being attacked and having her children attacked, but again, Igor isn’t all that concerned with facts and reality.

Its extremely important we stand together with @DLoesch who is the target of unimaginable hatred and threatened with violence for standing up for us and our Constitutional rights.

She never backs down. She’s never intimidated.#IStandWithDana

— Chad Felix Greene (@chadfelixg) February 14, 2018

And we stand with her as well.



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