BuzzFeed video producer declares Adam Rippon ‘the winner of the Olympics’

Adam Rippon? Isn’t he the Olympic figure skater who baselessly accused Vice President Mike Pence of promoting gay conversion therapy and refused to meet with him? Isn’t he also the one who complained later that he didn’t want his Olympic experience to be about Mike Pence?

Here’s a hot take from BuzzFeed video producer Logan Rhoades:

Adam Rippon will not medal, but it’s safe to say he’s the winner of the Olympics

— Logan Rhoades (@LoganRhoades) February 17, 2018

Rhoades notes that Rippon did win bronze in the team event, but still …

That’s not how it works

— Inglewood Jack (@Inglewoodjack99) February 17, 2018

that’s……not how winning works

— Ben McDonald (@Bmac0507) February 17, 2018

— Blackburn Review©®™ (@BlackburnReview) February 17, 2018

Remember when winning actually many WINNING something?

I do.

— Gordon Shuckrow III (@GordonShuckrow3) February 17, 2018

No it’s not safe to say that because he didn’t win. He was very good but there were better skaters and they are the winners.

— Ana Bravo (@aqbravo) February 17, 2018

Winner for SJWs? Like that fencing American who didn’t make the podium in Brazil? A team Bronze ain’t a gold.

— Coaster (@coasterfreek) February 17, 2018

Literally LMAO…

— GoSellCrazy… (@rrobertschwartz) February 17, 2018

Maybe that’s something one would say in a #safespace, but in the real world, he didn’t win shit. At least not individually.

— Eric Reyes (@EricReyes4us) February 17, 2018

First of all, Shaun White is arguably the winner. Secondly… no. Kid had the opportunity to be liked by a country, and decided to divide along politics. Nobody in sports “wins” by dragging politics into it. Ever.

— Steve (@nontwtingsteve) February 17, 2018

Sorry Shaun White, you might have won your event, but your straight ass isn’t allowed to win the Olympics.

— Peerless Poff (@BTTMGBand) February 17, 2018

Nah. Red Gerard. Gold medal snow boarding, f-bomb dropping 17 yo winner.

— Dani The Girl (@NewYearsDani) February 17, 2018

Where have we heard this take before?

Hillary Clinton will not win the Electoral College, but it’s safe to say she’s the winner of the Election


— Lone Conservative (@LoConservative) February 17, 2018


Cry him a RIVER! Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon is PISSED that he dug his OWN grave

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