Homicide capital Baltimore to spend $100,000 to bus kids to anti-gun march in DC

The March for Our Lives is scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C., on March 24, and not only will survivors of the Parkland school shooting be in attendance alongside George and Amal Clooney — as many as 3,000 students from Baltimore will be there too.

Mayor Catherine Pugh has announced that the city is organizing 60 “free” buses for students, who will also be provided T-shirts and lunch.

BREAKING: Baltimore @MayorPugh50 says the city is organizing 60 free buses to send students to DC for the march against gun violence later this month. Says “let’s show Washington DC that Baltimore matters.” Wants 3,000 city students there. Will be providing lunches and t-shirts. pic.twitter.com/g4QIoS9baA

— Kevin Rector (@RectorSun) March 6, 2018

I mean it’s not like they are learning anything in Baltimore schools anyway. Have a fun trip. Enjoy the ride. https://t.co/DfSjb7lOLI

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) March 6, 2018

I just talked to @MayorPugh50. She said she estimates the buses, lunches and T-shirts she promised for Baltimore kids going to the March 24 #March4OurLives event in DC will cost Baltimore $100,000.

— Kevin Rector (@RectorSun) March 6, 2018

Only $100,000 out of the city’s budget to send 60 buses of students to an anti-gun rally in D.C.? What a bargain!

Just sayin’ — the March for Our Lives came about after the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and if not a total ban on guns, the organizers at the very least want “assault weapons” (i.e., the AR-15) banned.

But is it OK if we suggest that Baltimore has bigger problems on its own plate? Last year, the city set a record per-capita homicide rate, with 343 recorded homicides in 2017. But sure, march on Washington to get AR-15s banned.

Baltimore? You are one to talk. Your city is the poster child for why gun control doesn’t work. You passed MORE gun control after the horrific Sandy Hook massacre and yet just graced the front page of USA Today as the most dangerous city in America.

Sit. Down. https://t.co/Z5Zt4rOflO

— Antonia Okafor (@antonia_okafor) March 6, 2018

What a shocker. More tax payer funded shenanigans.

All while the police commissioner and mayor stand there pushing a fallacy and have yet to address the issues in their own damn city. #Derp https://t.co/K05SIgTzCi

— Jamie (US Spy Lizard) Storment (@Storment21) March 6, 2018

If she wants to take action against guns, can’t she….. you know, do something? As mayor? About guns? Something that might more meaningful (and less expensive) than filling buses with kids from her city’s schools? https://t.co/sg9Oc7T2NR

— Eric Boehm (@EricBoehm87) March 6, 2018

She’s done a bang-up job (no pun intended) of curbing gun homicides in her own city; why not send some kids on a bus trip?

Political posturing from a professional idiot who’s ignoring the real problem because she cares more about political points. https://t.co/1VLFo1Qa9E

— Jeff (@bootaun) March 6, 2018

Democrats sending school children en masse to protest against the 2nd Amendment.

Using public schools for left-wing politicking. https://t.co/GVPwBisCo7

— Mark Pantano (@TheMarkPantano) March 6, 2018

Who is paying for 60 buses? It’s not like the Baltimore school district is short of cash. https://t.co/TLqytFnY64

— Sam Valley (@SamValley) March 6, 2018

Baltimore schools had a $130 Million budget deficit last year and this is how they are spending taxpayer money. https://t.co/TNmvm2eWwk

— James Hasson (@JamesHasson20) March 6, 2018

So they can’t heat their schools but can send 60 buses to protest? Got it…. https://t.co/vIEgZbKjit

— . (@Mehhhh_ok) March 6, 2018

Reminder, Baltimore cares so much about their children they don’t have heat in their schools. https://t.co/6Spjed8PnQ

— Patrick Shuck (@PShuck) March 6, 2018

Is this the same city that kept elementary school aged children in 32 degree classrooms because they couldn’t afford to fix heaters? Glad they found some extra room in the budget. https://t.co/rsBvrXT9sF

— . (@Coca2Nasty) March 6, 2018

With what money from what budget? https://t.co/TG0IEmxWEa

— Rob (@tothepeople) March 6, 2018

Why are Baltimore taxpayers paying for this?

cc: @Protectaxpayers !!!!! https://t.co/fPN5i72PQF

— Meech (@michi83) March 6, 2018

Hey, Baltimore taxpayers, do you approve of this use of your money? https://t.co/VkBADZfoil

— RedBloodedAmerica (@RedBloodedGuy) March 6, 2018

But what if there’s tax payers who object to tax money being used to push legislation they oppose? https://t.co/hZGat0SYxx

— RBe (@RBPundit) March 6, 2018

GP So city employees on city time will use city funds to pay for buses for kids to go to Washington to lobby for gun control. This doesn’t seem like an illegal, unconstitutional use of taxpayer funds for politicking at all. https://t.co/uN99hML9MH

— The Gormogons (@Gormogons) March 6, 2018

I guess it is now okay for mayors to use taxpayer money to send students to D.C. for March for Life? https://t.co/0ArOjyHeOU

— Andrew Kugle (@AndrewJKugle) March 6, 2018

Did they also pay to send students to the @March_for_Life? Or would that be a waste of taxpayer money? https://t.co/nrjoLtxKtf

— Emily Washler (@emwashler) March 6, 2018

‘Protest’ = Students begging to be used as tools of of the government, at the cost of taxpayers, all with the goal of having their own rights taken away in order to accomplish nothing.
This effing generation. Smh https://t.co/DvbstU9GRj

— LizBuddie🤘 (@lizbuddie) March 6, 2018

This is pathetic https://t.co/QefvJHYK0N

— Brandon Sheehy (@btsheehy) March 6, 2018


‘We tried’: Baltimore Ceasefire aims for 72 hours with no killing, but effort falls short https://t.co/gkY7jz1fjJ

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) August 7, 2017

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