WAAAH! Sarah Sanders SCHOOLS press pool on how Congress works, and Chris Cillizza can’t deal

So Chris Cillizza is upset because Sarah Sanders explained to the entire press pool how laws are passed in this country.

.@PressSec: “We will ensure our schools are safe and secured just like our airports, stadiums, and government buildings with better training and preparedness.” pic.twitter.com/XFACO0RYXP

— Fox News (@FoxNews) March 12, 2018

Granted, he got to watch Obama spend eight years totally ignoring how the three branches of government are supposed to work, but in the real world, the president doesn’t himself pass laws.

You’d think he’d realize how dumb it is to legislate via Executive Order with the mess we’ve seen with DACA but oh no …

So Sarah Sanders is laying the blame for not raising age limit on gun purchases on the idea there isn’t enough support for it in Congress

— Chris Cillizza (@CillizzaCNN) March 12, 2018

That’s not laying blame, Chris, that’s how it works.

See, there are three branches of government …

You know what, we should just get him a copy of ‘Government for Dummies,’ and leave it at that.

“We can’t change a law because Congress doesn’t support changing a law.”

And this is befuddling to Chris.

— Federalist Musket (@Patriot_Musket) March 12, 2018

He seems almost offended even.


Why won’t the executive branch pass laws that lack congressional support.

— Razor (@hale_razor) March 12, 2018

The nerve! The outrage!

There’s not enough support in the part of gov’t that makes laws to change the law and this confuses you.

Is there a part of the Constitution that doesn’t confuse you besides all of it?

— Physics Geek (@physicsgeek) March 12, 2018

We’re going to bet he totally supports that one amendment that gives everyone free college and healthcare.

I like how you say “laying the blame” as if lack of support in Congress isn’t exactly the reason.

— Victor Cachat (@SocrateezNutz) March 12, 2018

It’s literally how laws are supposed to be passed.

You mean the legislature won’t legislate?

Civics should not be this hard for a grown man.

— Stephen L. Hall (@StephenLHall) March 12, 2018

Sad, ain’t it?

You really need to go back to school. And start over w all this stuff.

— PartyOfOne🇺🇸 (@ADmomof3) March 12, 2018


Because there isn’t enough support for it in Congress. Duh.

— Connie Bee 🐝🇺🇸 (@ConnieBee16) March 12, 2018


Talk about a banana, CNN.


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