OFFS: Eric Holder has a NEW conspiracy theory about the GOP’s Russia probe … and it’s IRONIC

Former Attorney General Eric Holder wasted no time commenting on the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia probe coming to an end, and ironically he thinks the committee is covering something up.

Republican House Intell Comm shut down Russia probe before doing a complete job This is a coverup and a lasting stain on the reputation of what used to be a bipartisan Committee when it was run by Republican Rogers and Democrat Ruppersberger. Politics beat a desire for the truth

— Eric Holder (@EricHolder) March 13, 2018

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Eric you just are a criminal.

— Joey Mannarino (@JTMann05) March 13, 2018

No doubt about it.

The lasting stain is your “Fast and Furious” scandal. You desecrated the once SACRED attorney general position!

— Joey Mannarino (@JTMann05) March 13, 2018

The worst part of the Fast and Furious scandal is Brian Terry’s family will FOREVER be haunted by Holder’s coverup.

Oh, the IRONY.

— Terry Dresbach (@draiochta14) March 13, 2018


Democrats can’t help themselves. They blame any and everything Trump-related on Russia. We’re honestly surprised they didn’t blame Trump eating two scoops of ice cream on Putin.


Holder 2020

— California Love🌻 (@cottontailnyou) March 13, 2018

BITE your tongue.

We’d ALL be screwed if Eric Holder ran for president.

Ehm … that’s the Republican House Unintell Comm.

— Paul Calandrino (@PaulCalandrino) March 13, 2018

Wow. That was SO creative.

We are walking on a razors edge between democracy an fascism. Today the corrupt GOP just made the road that much more tilted. I fear for our country with the leaders we have in power.

— al (@Al_Forre) March 13, 2018

Except America is a Republic, so maybe try again?

Republicans haven’t cared about the truth in decades.

— Mueller won’t save us. Voting will. (@FeasterFamine) March 13, 2018

Really? Because the last few years Republicans have been DETERMINED to get to the bottom of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Where’s the truth there?

You are the pits of human existence. Go make California Mexico you piece of 💩

— johny cap (@johny_cap) March 13, 2018

You’re at the bottom of the barrel, Holder.

You have some nerve. My God, it’s astonishing. You are the father of cover-ups.

— Confirm Grenell now! (@johnjharvey1013) March 13, 2018

Again, the irony in the pot calling the kettle black.

Eric Holder bitching about a coverup is like Chelsea Handler lecturing a drunk.

Hey Eric: Trivia Question: Who is ONLY sitting AG ever held in contempt of Congress?

Find a mirror for the answer, b*tch.

— BonkPolitics (@BonkPolitics) March 13, 2018


At the end of the day, E belongs in jail. But will he ever serve time? Doubtful.

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