Double TAP? Brit Hume and Martha MacCallum sum up Hillary’s hate for Trump voters in 2 tweets

Just when we thought Hillary Clinton couldn’t GET any more unlikable, she opens her big mouth while in India to talk trash about Trump voters.

Because CLEARLY that’s how you win an election, Hillary.

We get it, she can’t accept that she is the reason SHE lost and is desperate to convince the world that it wasn’t her fault, but all she’s really doing is proving what we’ve known all along, she’s just a mean old lady.

HRC says white women voted for Trump because their husbands, bosses, sons told them to. @ the India Today Conclave this weekend.

— Martha MacCallum (@marthamaccallum) March 12, 2018

We’re convinced that Hillary has never met a Conservative woman. We’re not exactly the ‘shut up and do as we’re told’ type. But whatever helps her sleep better at night …

And she also basically said the states which supported Trump were full of racists.

— Brit Hume (@brithume) March 13, 2018

Maybe if she’d just visited Wisconsin the racists would have left the state?

*eye roll*

She has no shame. None.

Hillary is the albatross hung around the Democrat party and she is never going away. What a gift. The gift that keeps on giving.

Doubles down on insulting more than half the population, again.

— Funkytown (@hotfunkytown) March 13, 2018

She and Nancy Pelosi – yay!

#Deplorables … round 2

— Kathleen (@katnandu) March 13, 2018

Keep on diggin’, Hillary.

Yep that’s right and we drag them by the hair pulling them wherever we go. We are so primitive, bunch of cavemen we are.

— Black & Tan (@BlacknTan3) March 13, 2018

C’mon, Hillary is super progressive. She even carries a bottle of hot sauce around with her …


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