‘Hell NO!’ Chris Cuomo’s poll asking if Trump’s ‘vulgar language’ will affect voters BACKFIRES hilariously

After President Trump used what some would call ‘colorful’ language at a rally for Saccone in Pennsylvania over the weekend, Chris Cuomo took it upon himself to put up a poll asking his followers if the president’s use of vulgar language would affect their vote.

We’re going to guess he wouldn’t have done this poll if he thought these were the results he’d get:

Might the president’s use of vulgar language affect your vote?

— Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) March 12, 2018

Out of over 38k votes, nearly 80% of those polled said ‘Hell no,’ the president’s vulgar language would not affect their vote.

The kind of language that insults citizens is along the lines of, “You didn’t build that” and “cling to your guns and bibles”.

🌹Ѡąƨƙɛƪωɛɛ🐰Ɯѧßβiȶ🌹 and 7 others (@WaskelweeWabbit) March 12, 2018

Perhaps Americans are more worried about cutting taxes, securing our borders and growing the economy than they are about what an adult says to a bunch of other adults. Was it tacky? Probably. But after watching Trump’s campaign is anyone really shocked by this language other than the pearl-clutchers in the media?

What vulgar language exactly? The language we use every day? 🙄

— American Pride (@usaforyoubruv) March 12, 2018

Wait, what?! Adults curse! We’re shocked!

Absolutely not! It’s about time we have someone who’s direct, tells it like it is and calls people out on the B.S. #Trump2020

— DF (@daf1224) March 12, 2018

How’s that poll working out for ya? pic.twitter.com/cX4dn9Hp7n

— Hans Auf (@hansauf) March 12, 2018

Seems the poll was never really going in the direction Chris likely wanted it to.

No. But liberal, progressive, vulgar sensitivities towards the right absolutely will. I like my government small & my media unbiased.

— Fountain_o’Youth (@jasonsmook) March 12, 2018

Sounds reasonable enough.

Does #DavidHogg‘s use of vulgar language prevent you in the #MSM from parading him around like he’s the face of America’s future?

— SixSBRings:) (@MadPatsFan1954) March 13, 2018

Careful, people will accuse us all of being mean to kids if we point out Hogg’s gross behavior.

Pearl clutching over “son of a bitch”in this day and age? Not likely.

— Tonya Vlasik (@lawgirl) March 13, 2018


Yes it will affect my vote. I’m going to have even more passion when I go vote for him AGAIN. #MAGA

— Arquí Puccio (@ArquiPuccio8) March 12, 2018



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