BS Level –> SO MUCH: Brianna Wu brags about the OODLES of NRA-hating Repubs she knows

Brianna Wu wants us all to know of the MANY gun owners she knows on the campaign trail who happen to be Republicans and who also magically ‘feel betrayed’ by the NRA. Our gut feeling is that she is totally full of shitake mushrooms … but what do we know?

Fav if you think Brianna Wu often talks to gun owners on the campaign trail
RT if you think Brianna Wu is full of shit

— neontaster 🚟 (@neontaster) March 13, 2018

Full disclosure, we rt’d.

OK I need to make another comment about this tweet. “The Campaign Trail”? Are you kidding me? The district she’s “running” in (MA-5) is maybe 8 miles across at the longest part. Her campaign bus is an MBTA local.

— neontaster 🚟 (@neontaster) March 13, 2018

But she knows SO MANY gun owners!

I’ll hand the nutcase one thing…has staying power.

— Bohemio (@El__Bohemio) March 13, 2018

Fair point, she’s still around even after she said the military would take over the moon so it could drop giant rocks on our enemies.


Don’t look at us like that, she said it.

Brianna Wu must have been hit by a moon rock on the noggin

— Sheepdog in New York (@DoctorKOH) March 13, 2018


And you doubted us.


What about option ‘c’ for those of us who think she’s just a misguided character from a Dr. Seuss book?

— Stone Templar Pilates (@TheMattCrooks) March 13, 2018

Horton Hears a Wu? OMG LOL!

Responsible gun owners get trained. Either by friends, family or by taking classes. I learned from friends and family how to responsibly carry and use a weapon.

This isn’t the frigging Wild West like Gunophiles think it is. They’re ignorant, so they are afraid.

— Wild Free Range Tots (@Tots4Masses) March 13, 2018

If Brianna Wu actually talked to gun owners, she would know that most are taught gun safety as part of growing up. It’s a way of life for “most” gun-owners, as it’s generally speaking a generational tradition. Rarely do non-gun owning families become gun owners or visa versa.

— Dr. Tabio (@Kevintla) March 13, 2018



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