BOMBS AWAY! Meghan McCain RATTLES Hillary Clinton’s minions with these HARSH truths [video]

As Twitchy told you yesterday, Hillary Clinton’s back in the news for appalling remarks she made in India over the weekend about Trump voters. In addition to suggesting that Trump voters were motivated by sexism and racism, she also claimed that women who voted for Trump only did so because they couldn’t “[stand] up to the men in their lives.”

This morning, the women of “The View” discussed Hillary’s comments, and Meghan McCain royally let her have it:

WATCH: Meghan McCain calls the Clintons “a virus in the Democratic Party”

— The Hill (@thehill) March 13, 2018


Needless to say, Hillary worshipers were not happy:

— AnG (@Onebyone2x2) March 13, 2018

Oh Lord!!!! Somebody tell her to zip it no-one cares what she thinks or says

— Susan Bird #NHSLove (@Susemgf) March 13, 2018

@MeghanMcCain sure, what is it you do again? Your dad brought Palin to national prominence. A little less hypocrisy please.

— fabian (@FVonscott) March 13, 2018

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii tch!😕

— Victor B. Smith (@VictorBSmith10) March 13, 2018

Who the fuck is asking her anything? Because McCain sperminated her mom once now she’s some kind of authority on things?

— Penny (@pennyawful) March 13, 2018

@MeghanMcCain is looking like SuperDyke today.

— Aurum Jeaneus Rabosa (@Aurum420) March 13, 2018

And this coming from someone who appears to have had a lot of personal contact with viruses.

— Jonathan D (@Carpetbagger_68) March 13, 2018


@MeghanMcCain, a lot more is expected from you. Shame on you.

— martyrabkin (@martyrabkin) March 13, 2018

A lot more? Like what? Rolling over and excusing Hillary Clinton’s egregious, despicable remarks because she’s Hillary Clinton? Please.

So after railing again obnoxious things said about her father… it’s OK to do it to somebody else? Just more talking head hypocrisy.

— TalulahZ (@talulah_z) March 13, 2018

No thanks. I can’t understand how @MeghanMcCain can get so outraged about people attacking her father yet continue personal attacks on the Clintons. It is exactly the same thing.

— First Amendment Girl (@LA_LaVilla) March 13, 2018

Hillary Clinton impugned the characters of millions of Americans just because they didn’t vote for her.

Wow! You people have no respect or integrity! When did Americans start calling other Americans names & degrading character on national TV, oh when the furor took over the WH- show some dignity people. @MeghanMcCain

— rightprice83 (@rightprice831) March 13, 2018

That’s exactly what Hillary did, only she did it on the international stage. McCain’s only crime was calling her out on it.

I love all the Democrats on here so outraged at what she said. Hillary Clinton continuing to insult everyone who didn’t vote for her is an absolutely terrible thing for Democrats. If you want to win future elections, you should be agreeing with Meghan.

— JJ (@blessinginchaos) March 13, 2018

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