‘RECORD levels of BS’! WaPo faceplants trying to cover for Hillary Clinton’s BLATANT sexism

As Twitchy told you earlier, CNN performed some impressive intellectual gymnastics with this spin on Hillary Clinton’s disgusting remarks about Trump voters:

Hillary Clinton told a receptive audience in India that while she thought President Donald Trump played to some of Americans’ worst fears, he does not reflect the country as a whole — and said the US “did not deserve” his presidency https://t.co/KidDNnG6XS pic.twitter.com/ugEfwYJNMt

— CNN International (@cnni) March 13, 2018

Not to be outdone, the Washington Post rode to Hillary’s rescue this afternoon:

Analysis: Like it or not, studies suggest that Clinton may not be wrong on white women voting like their husbands https://t.co/Ol11KRbcKv

— Washington Post (@washingtonpost) March 13, 2018

“A” for effort, WaPo! But nope.

Calling record levels of BS on this. https://t.co/pnAXmmbr51

— Sam ‘The🐰FOO’ Janney (@PolitiBunny) March 13, 2018

BS…but you know that already. You’re just trying to fan the flame.

— Kevin Barnard (@KevyB1990) March 13, 2018

First of all:

Clinton didn’t say white women voted the same way as their husbands, she said they did so because were *pressured* to vote the same as their husband. https://t.co/rHaziFejtr

— the salad tweet was bad (@HashtagGriswold) March 13, 2018

The sexist assumption here is that if a woman shares her husband’s politics it’s because she was pressured, not because she arrived at those opinions on her own. https://t.co/QPGgGxeEYe

— Holden (@Holden114) March 13, 2018

And second of all:

She also didn’t just say husbands. She said sons and bosses, too.

The thrust of her comments were that if a woman didn’t vote for her, she was subservient to some man. It was ridiculous.

— the salad tweet was bad (@HashtagGriswold) March 13, 2018

Hate to break it to you, WaPo, but Hillary’s comments were just plain awful. Try as you may, spin all you want, but there’s no getting around that.

It’s anecdotal, but I don’t know a single woman who would vote a certain way because of her husband, fiancé or boyfriend. https://t.co/LFibgWsc59

— Greg Pollowitz (@GPollowitz) March 13, 2018

There are several reasons why this would be so. But by all means keep going with the “because men tell them to” bulls**t https://t.co/4jtW5mDSXl

— High Capacity Mark 🥓🥓 (@mcasil2016) March 13, 2018

BREAKING SCIENTIFIC SCIENCE NEWS: People with similar worldviews tend to marry https://t.co/pObKadUfCT

— Will (@Oil_Guns_Merica) March 13, 2018

Though I’d bet that a majority of men voted similarly to their wives and vice-versa. People tend to have some things in common when they get married, though that may be news to the Acela corridor.

— ConservativeBlackMan (@Thomasismyuncle) March 13, 2018

Is it possible people with political beliefs in common sometimes marry one another? Maybe women – and, I know this sounds crazy – maybe women reached a conclusion on their own that they lean more conservative and then date and eventually marry men that agree with them?

— thetacticalyuppie (@tacticalyuppie) March 13, 2018

Is it so strange that a married couple would have similar views? I think not.
HRC gave the impression women voted the way their hubbies did because of pressure/intimidation.

Hacks. https://t.co/amq1rVL36e

— LaurieAnn 💫 (@mooshakins) March 13, 2018

But hey, WaPo, congratulations on helping Hillary Make Sexism Great Again!

What’s the one thing that could make Hillary’s comment about white women obeying their husband’s command to vote a certain way even more insulting and condescending to women? A mansplanation of it. https://t.co/DSfYCJIxQ4

— Mo Mo (@molratty) March 13, 2018

How condescending and sexist can you be? Women who disagree with you can and do think for themselves.

— Full Semi-auto Freedom (@FreedomRecon) March 13, 2018

this isn’t very empowering tbh

— Ryan (@alwaysonoffense) March 13, 2018

Feminists: ¯_(ツ)_/¯ https://t.co/eWEAbZJcJL

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) March 13, 2018

White women don’t think for themselves

That’s quite the hot take in 2018

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) March 13, 2018

so, we’re doing the sexism thing again now…

— Jeff Burkett 🇺🇸 (@TheJeffBurkett) March 13, 2018

Sexism is back in style! https://t.co/fCVC31erqK

— The Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion) March 13, 2018

wtf we love sexism now! https://t.co/f1zZAf1I7D

— neontaster 🚟 (@neontaster) March 13, 2018


Cool, now do black women https://t.co/L1iCFPESk2

— ConservativeBlackMan (@Thomasismyuncle) March 13, 2018

Ha! Fat chance.

I think we all know why that piece WaPo wrote about white women won’t be written about minority women. Liberals believe that conservative men (mostly all white) are basically knuckling dragging neanderthals who want their women to do what they say, cook, clean, and shut up.

— ConservativeBlackMan (@Thomasismyuncle) March 13, 2018


This is really embarrassing for WaPo

— Anthony Reese (@selftestok) March 13, 2018

Just another day ending in “y.”

Like it or not, studies suggest WaPo isn’t fit to line bird cages.

— Robert Van Dusen (@treboryaj1) March 13, 2018



Wait, there’s MORE? Hillary Clinton wasn’t done trashing Trump voters (ladies, this one’s for YOU!)

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