They’re BAAAACK! MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle dusts off a classic to try busting Mike Pompeo

As if Chris Matthews’ prediction about Mike Pompeo putting us on the path to “stupid war” weren’t disqualifying enough, this bombshell from MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle threatens to derail Pompeo’s career as U.S. Secretary of State before it even begins:

REMINDER-Pompeo was the single largest recipient of campaign funds from Koch Bros in 2010.
He came out of the same Wichita,Kansas, biz community where Koch family’s oil-and-gas conglomerate is headquartered.
Pompeo built his own company with seed money from Koch Venture Capital.

— Stephanie Ruhle (@SRuhle) March 13, 2018

Is Harry Reid ghostwriting Stephanie’s tweets or something?

Successful businessmen support someone who agrees with them and Stephanie is ON IT

— Anthony Bialy (@AnthonyBialy) March 13, 2018

Good to know that when the Left has nothing else, they’ll always have Koch Derangement Syndrome.

Wonderful…just wonderful.. it’s all about the $$$. #CountryOverParty #nofaithinourgovt

— KristineChase (@KristineChaseFL) March 13, 2018

Because Democrats never take money from wealthy donors!

OMG! Can not imagine a much worse situation!

— Marquita Seifried (@lifelonglearner) March 13, 2018

I can’t imagine anything worse than a Koch influenced State Department.

— Fred Smith 💤😄🎼🎶🍳🥐👍 (@BavasiBuzz) March 13, 2018

What about a State Department run by a woman whose foundation took millions of dollars in donations from Russia? Would that be worse?


— Fred Cunningham (@fac_fred) March 13, 2018

ANOTHER Koch-s–ker.

— Don Johnson (@djohnson761) March 13, 2018

The United States of Koch-Putin!

— Randy Ferrell #VetsVote🌊 (@rpdandy) March 13, 2018

Dark Money fueling a Dark State.

— Terry Murphy, PhD (@terrymurphy06) March 13, 2018

Therefore the #Kochbrothers OWN Trump God help America! 😢

— VFarrellGallery (@vfarrellart) March 13, 2018

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