MTV busts the myth of the hard-working Asian-American, who benefits from less racism

Remember when MTV — Music Television — played music videos?

We’ll admit we quit watching MTV quite a while back, but it seems the network has gone all-in on tackling racism — in its own, unique, ineffective way. Remember “White People,” directed by celebrity illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas?

.@MTV‘s “White People” is not “publicly shaming” whites. That’s not the goal. Goal is to spark constructive conversations.

— Jose Antonio Vargas (@joseiswriting) July 9, 2015

Better yet, remember MTV’s ill-advised 2017 New Year’s resolutions for “white guys”? That video was such an embarrassment the network actually pulled it.

That doesn’t mean the network has stopped trying. Now it has a show called “Decoded,” featuring episodes like “White People Whitesplain Whitesplaining,” and in the latest episode, MTV busts the racist idea of “the super wealthy, educated Asian American.” Did you know there are actually poor Asian-Americans? Watch comedian Lily Du as long as you can stand it:

The archetype of the super wealthy, educated Asian American is a common one. @LilyD breaks down the myth of the “Model Minority” on the latest episode of #MTVDecoded.

— MTV (@MTV) March 14, 2018

I’m missing how lily was a comedian/funny? And why must you always talk to us like we are 5? Painful.

— Amanda (@abpontor) March 20, 2018

Oh boy I love getting talked to like a 5 year old it definitely makes me accepting to what I’m being told 😑😑😑

— MUT (@MUT80816909) March 20, 2018

Like we said, watch as long as you can stand it.

Why isn’t this show cancelled yet

— Dante Justin (@darkass_) March 20, 2018

“Asians aren’t a model minority, we succeed b/c whites are less racist against us!”
This completely dismisses the amount of WORK Asians have to do to get ahead (like everyone else!)
Saying it’s the benevolence of whites that allows Asians to succeed makes Asians sound like pets.

— Roaming Millennial (@RoamingMil) March 20, 2018

@MTV we’re all tired of your race baiting.
Stop projecting your obsession with skin color onto everyone else, and for goodness’ sake, sort yourselves out.

— Roaming Millennial (@RoamingMil) March 20, 2018

I am Chinese and this just boils my blood. Do you know how much effort I had to put into study so that I could get into top college in China then get over here for PhD? And all this simply erased by “less racism”.

— Frostmeteor (@Frostmeteor) March 20, 2018

Amazing how “anti-racist” activists can get away with dehumanizing a group of human beings by claiming that any comparative success is tied to the benevolence of “white people”. So dismissive of the actual industriousness that individuals exhibited in order to achieve success.

— Matt B (@WheresTheER) March 20, 2018

Oh, yes, the successes and failures of EVERY GROUP ON EARTH depends on white people.

White people really make the world go ’round apparently. Is that what you’re trying to say, MTV.

— C. (@_turgon) March 20, 2018

So what you’re saying is, Asian people don’t have Asian privilege when they get preferential treatment and white people do have white privilege when they get preferential treatment?

— John Hunter (@Laserchalk) March 20, 2018

And yet the archetype of the wealthy, educated, and oppressive white person persists…

— Bearly Legal 🐻 (@MichaelCoughlin) March 20, 2018

I’m glad you agree that “all stereotypes are harmful” when’s the video walking back the white privilege stereotype?

— Alex Mac (@alexmackintyre) March 14, 2018

Did you know that some white people AREN’T rich?

Therefore it doesn’t matter that other white people are rich. They aren’t any more priveleged at birth than a person of another race born in America.

Wait. What narrative is this?

— Freedfg (@freedfg1) March 20, 2018

Imagine actually drinking up everything MTV has to say and believing in it with all your heart.

— GONDOLIN (@FallOfGondolin) March 20, 2018

Who does this appeal to?

— PAPER BALLOTS IN 2018 (@Awoooment) March 20, 2018

Imagine getting into comedy and then your career is doing woke adverts for MTV’s twitter account

how long until the soul shrivels into a tadpole?

— LowRes Wünderbred (@LowresWB) March 20, 2018

Exhausting. Keep putting identity politics on the fire, America. It worked out great for you lately!

— Peter Anthony (@peterisfunny) March 20, 2018

You should be embarrassed pushing this garbage.

— Madam B (@madamB5) March 20, 2018

So stupid. This got down-voted into oblivion on YouTube. Absolute trash.

— Remy (@JeremyMSzot) March 20, 2018

@MTV has been ruined the same way the left is ruining @espn and trying to ruin the @NFL. This video is an embarrassment

— Matt Glenn (@mattglenn29) March 20, 2018

Member when MTV didn’t purposely spread cancer around on the internet?

— I wear pancakes (@Tricksyhobbitss) March 20, 2018

Why is MTV nothing but preachy propaganda now?

The YouTube content creators that it recruits are just used as corporate mouthpieces.

This show is, by definition, racist. Humorously, defenders of this sort of drivel claim that it is racist to point out how racist it is. 🤔

— High Priest Of Gavin (@High_Priest_Dog) March 20, 2018

The only time I hear about MTV these days is when they produce another oh so woke, identity politics piece like this. Do they even play music any more?

— PaulRevere (@AHorseRightHere) March 20, 2018

In case you need a palate cleanser after that, here’s the late David Bowie asking Mark Goodman back in 1983 why MTV never played black artists:


‘Hey, white guys’: Woke MTV News accidentally offers up ‘first Trump 2020 ad’

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) December 19, 2016

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