‘SH*T BAG’: J.R. Salzman has HARSH words for fellow vet who trashed NRA as ‘terrorist org’

Wounded Warrior J.R. Salzman has noticed a trend among some of his fellow veterans: a decidedly pro-gun-control trend.

On Wednesday, NRA TV’s Cam Edwards politely called out Michael Ian Black for his “reminder” that the NRA is “a terrorist organization”:

Thanks for the shout-out, guys. A quick reminder that you are a terrorist organization. https://t.co/AqPc3FzPr2

— Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) April 4, 2018

You know, @michaelianblack countless veterans, servicemembers, and first responders are #NRA members. Many of these folks you call terrorists are actually fighting terrorists and protecting our rights, including the 1A rights you use to attack those who support the #2A.

— Cam Edwards (@CamEdwards) April 4, 2018

Liberal Marine vet Will Fischer responded to Edwards’ tweet by defending Black’s smear against the NRA:

You know, @CamEdwards, countless veterans, including me, also believe, like @michaelianblack, that the @NRA is a terrorist org that has the blood of countless children upon its hands. The NRA makes our society less safe. Full stop. https://t.co/zNvTrwr5Ta

— Will Fischer (@will_c_fischer) April 4, 2018

And that really rubbed Salzman the wrong way. He set out to set Fischer straight — and he did not mince words:

Just a few years ago under Bush, progressives were calling soldiers baby killers, saying we were carpet bombing civilians so we could steal oil. They were protesting outside our military bases and hospitals and throwing fake blood on our recruiting centers.

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) April 5, 2018

They were literally cheering for our deaths and failure. Remember the soldier death counter on CNN? They didn’t care about us, they only saw us a political weapon to use against Bush. And yet some vets think they’re being embraced with open arms by the ideology?

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) April 5, 2018

And of course let’s not point out the giant hypocrisy of a veteran who was sent to another country to defend civilians who they lacked the means to defend themselves, telling our citizens they should be stripped of the right to defend themselves. It’s flaming hypocrisy.

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) April 5, 2018




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