D’OH! Tommy Vietor tries to defend previous brag about success in Syria, body slams Obama (AGAIN)

In October of 2013, former Obama national security spokesman Tommy Vietor joined others from the administration in letting the world know most of the chemical weapons were in the process of being removed:

The progress that’s been made towards eliminating #Syria‘s ability to use chemical weapons is remarkable: http://t.co/8s7VqWqqcZ

— Tommy Vietor (@TVietor08) October 31, 2013

Months later, then-Secretary of State John Kerry said Syria was free of “declared” chemical weapons:

.@JohnKerry: Today the last 8% of declared chemical weapons were removed from #Syria. Great work done by all involved http://t.co/ccPDVkNISz

— Department of State (@StateDept) June 24, 2014

Over the weekend, there was a reported chemical attack in Syria that killed dozens of people. After that news broke, Vietor’s 2013 tweet started making the rounds again, but Vietor tried to defend the tweet — as well as the previous administration — this way:

Republicans and a very dumb columnist are resurfacing this tweet like it’s a gotcha. Shipping out 1300 metric tons of weapons-grade chemicals was a major development. Obviously they didn’t get it all. Chlorine wasn’t covered. Trump was handed a mess but also hasn’t deterred Assad

— Tommy Vietor (@TVietor08) April 8, 2018

Wait, does that say what we think it says?

lil bit of a slip-up there at the end Tommy https://t.co/8swRXuAHYa

— Alex Muresianu (@ahardtospell) April 8, 2018

That kind of lack of self-awareness from former Obama officials isn’t a surprise but still never ceases to amaze:

“Trump was handed a mess” – Tommy Vietor https://t.co/uUguiGGWON

— Ryan Saavedra 🇺🇸 (@RealSaavedra) April 9, 2018

He was handed a mess, you say? Who handed him the mess? https://t.co/aRB5bbm88b

— James Hasson (@JamesHasson20) April 8, 2018

“Trump was handed a mess.” – Tommy Vietor pic.twitter.com/tE1MczNRqO

— Comfortably Smug (@ComfortablySmug) April 8, 2018

Hmm, Vietor’s not defending Obama the way he thinks he is.

In Syria “we struck a deal where we got 100% of the chemical weapons out.” – John Kerry, 7/20/2014

“Meh, close enough.” – Tommy Vietor, yesterday, after Assad killed dozens in a chemical weapons attack. https://t.co/lypDxynvEB

— Mo Mo (@molratty) April 9, 2018

Taliban Tommy dunking on himself to fact check conservatives. https://t.co/dTvTSM7lU6

— Lone Conservative (@LoConservative) April 8, 2018

If you convinve someone to give up 1300 bullets but you leave him with 1000 bullets you don’t get to brag that you disarmed the guy. Spare us this self-righteous BS please. https://t.co/OySKjjITXF

— Noah Pollak (@NoahPollak) April 8, 2018

I hope he was better at driving a van than he is at this. pic.twitter.com/YZ4UHCLa2p

— BT (@back_ttys) April 8, 2018

Team Obama turned a blind eye to Syrian genocide in an effort to cut a nuclear deal with Iran in which Iran received billions of dollars which they’ve now used to further spread terrorism and death in the region. Team Obama’s legacy will be one of death and massive destruction.

— Common Sense (@Paine_1776) April 8, 2018

But don’t worry, we’re sure that one of Obama’s other signature foreign policy legacies will turn out just fine:

So how should this inform our view of the Iran deal?

— Tom Giovanetti (@tgiovanetti) April 9, 2018

The rhetorical question of the day!

Maybe sit this one out, buddy. https://t.co/anRllcbFSX

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) April 8, 2018

But it’s so helpful when he doesn’t sit it out.

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