‘Deep state butthurt’! Politico gives Hillary Clinton ANOTHER 2016 excuse (and it’s a doozy)

Hillary Clinton’s super-lengthy list of election loss scapegoats and blame assignment can now get even longer thanks to Politico:

A POLITICO analysis shows that the decline in local media could have been a decisive factor in the 2016 election, especially in states like Wisconsin, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, where results were close https://t.co/83TRTptHyf pic.twitter.com/diMb37WKBw

— POLITICO (@politico) April 9, 2018

Politico’s analysis uses subscriptions to local newspapers in determing who is and isn’t considered informed. The reason Hillary lost just can’t be that she wasn’t a good candidate, can it?

Hey idiots. SHE. LOST. She was a horrible candidate and an even worse person. It was a year and a half ago. Let it go already. https://t.co/R11DMRSazv

— BitterOtis (@bitterotis) April 9, 2018

Every one of these stories is driven by the notion that Hillary should have won, and any other outcome means something was wrong. https://t.co/3v16EfODeY

— David Harsanyi (@davidharsanyi) April 9, 2018

Soon, every single thing about modern American life that journalists don’t like will be shown by at least one study to have been the decisive factor in the 2016 election. Me, I blame Pennsylvania’s state-run liquor stores. https://t.co/DpeE1HMGKv

— Matt Welch (@MattWelch) April 9, 2018

The 2016 spin apparently will never end.

1: You’ve created a county count without factoring population.
2: County wins are meaningless.
3: News Deserts are not a thing.
4: Clinton got similar proportion of her total county wins from ‘Deserts’ as Trump.
5: Virtually all media markets are a mix of Trump/Clinton counties. https://t.co/VSdBjD9zPF

— mitrebox (@mitrebox) April 9, 2018

Goddamn Facebook again https://t.co/KKTPSCBn5C

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) April 9, 2018

Politico finds another excuse Team Brooklyn can use for not stepping a foot in Wisconsin. https://t.co/vlz7PINZjC

— Kirk Widlund (@KAW710CO) April 9, 2018

Deep state butthurt

— greg harris (@sledge_harris) April 9, 2018

“The Electorate was ill informed and ignorant” is what the media is pushing

— FWOTUS (@FWOTUS) April 9, 2018

The giveaway for me was “especially in states like PA/NC”…how about states like Minnesota, which was closer than those? Won’t say that because HRC won…

— Jonathan R. Brodo (@JonBrodo) April 9, 2018

This is an extremely irresponsible assertion of causation from correlation. It’s pretty much the textbook Thing That You’re Not Supposed To Do. https://t.co/uKgb1SkpUg

— Alan Cole (@AlanMCole) April 9, 2018

So in short:

Must. Blame. Everything. But. Hillary. https://t.co/dhwPcmLH7x

— Sam ‘The🐰FOO’ Janney (@PolitiBunny) April 9, 2018

Always and forever!

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