‘I AM a black male.’ Oliver Campbell shuts white female SJW DOWN for ‘defending’ him from RACIST Starbucks

The anxiety and depression we have today, had we been born this absolutely lacking in self-awareness – we know we couldn’t survive it.

Seriously, how do people like this even get their shoes tied in the morning?

The anxiety and depression I would have today, had I been born a black male in this country— I know I couldn’t survive it. There is absolutely NOTHING to justify the blatant oppression they experience, every. single. day. Nothing. #BoycottStarbucks

— KimmyDarling ◡̈ (@KimmyDarling) April 14, 2018

Kimmy seems very upset that two black men were arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia.

Gosh, white lady, thanks for speaking for black men in this country.

We’re sure they totally appreciate your using them in order to virtue signal on steroids.

Because, White People? Imagine having to consider the question, WHERE ARE WE SAFE??? Is this not terroristic? #BoycottStarbucks #BlackLivesMatter #BLM

— KimmyDarling ◡̈ (@KimmyDarling) April 14, 2018


LET. YOUR MIND. GO THERE. For the love of all that’s sacred, TRY to imagine it. Because your fear of even attempting to think of what it would be like, if, say, “our girls” were treated this way? Your shame-induced cowardice is killing people. #BoycottStarbucks #BlackLivesMatter

— KimmyDarling ◡̈ (@KimmyDarling) April 14, 2018


Shame-induced cowardice? Ok, is she a parody and we just missed it?

Your chicken-shitty refusal to consider what it would feel like- what it would really MEAN- to have to give “our” kids THE TALK? You’re the MOST complicit in this. Every last one of you who chooses to stay in the safe inner-space you were born with. Despicable. #BoycottStarbucks

— KimmyDarling ◡̈ (@KimmyDarling) April 14, 2018


Hrm. Alrighty then.

I was born a black male in this country.

I live in a VERY white state.

I don’t have anxiety and I don’t have depression from it.

You know what happens when I go out in my yard in the suburbs and wave at the neighbors while doing yardwork?

They wave back. https://t.co/4UhXw4RFlK

— Oliver Campbell (@oliverbcampbell) April 15, 2018

Wait. They wave BACK?!

You mean black men can live in this country, even in ‘very white states’ and they don’t feel terrorized or oppressed?

Get outta here.

The idea of neighbors waving at me gives me anxiety. We don’t really interact much in Sweden.

— Notch (@notch) April 15, 2018

White people get more anxious about white people waving at them.

That figures.

Hell I’d love to be your neighbor. From your profile, sounds like you’ve done a lot in an incredible life and I detest boring people

— Stephen (@LogicOverJunk) April 15, 2018

Hello!!! pic.twitter.com/SSFx1zcEh9

— Shell Breckin (@Sarcasm_Always) April 15, 2018


— Oliver Campbell (@oliverbcampbell) April 15, 2018



SJW peeps … don’t ever change.


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