UNREAL! Seth MacFarlane defends Hollywood elite by using ‘the little people’ as a shield, blames Fox News

Seth MacFarlane’s tweet about how middle America shouldn’t dislike the Hollywood elite because there are little people like plumbers and truck drivers who work for and ‘serve’ him and his famous, rich brethren is why people really don’t like Hollywood anymore.

Just a reminder that those “Hollywood elites” include carpenters, builders, painters, truck drivers, electricians, movers, plumbers, cooks, and many other dedicated people the likes of whom I’m fortunate to work alongside every day. Turn off Fox News. You’ll think more clearly.

— Seth MacFarlane (@SethMacFarlane) April 15, 2018

So not only does he crap all over the people he works with by using them as some sort of political shield, he tells people who don’t care for Hollywood types like HIM telling them what to think and believe to turn off Fox News.

Because apparently anyone who disagrees with MacFarlane is brainwashed by a station he doesn’t like.

But tell us more about all of those plumbers, Seth.

Come on, Seth. You and I both know that “Hollywood elites” isn’t referring to those people – unless they, too, earn millions per movie and live in gated communities in the Hills. Name the last truck driver invited to a Hollywood gala?

— Julita S (@julitaxx) April 15, 2018

Let us know when a Hollywood truck driver starts making millions of dollars and then uses his million-dollar-truck-platform to tell middle America they shouldn’t own guns.

EXACTLY this. Such a ridiculous misconception. I’ve done jobs where the Assistant Directors (who have by far the hardest job) were being paid minimum wage – $8 an hour. They barely get 4 hrs sleep a night. Elite, my ass.

— Alice Evans (@AliceEvansGruff) April 15, 2018

$8 an hour?!

Assistant Director?!


Yes, she is both an elite and an ass.

Aren’t all your shows on Fox??? You got rich from Murdoch money. Jog on

— Jesse Taylor Lewis (@torkum) April 15, 2018


Nope…Hollywood Elites refers to the elitist snobs, not the hoi polli working class…and you know it.

— Harry Gato (@harrygato) April 16, 2018

Yes, they’re the Regular folk, I’d think it’s a safe bet that you make more than a couple hundred of them combined in a year. @_wintergirl93 @PolitiBunny @TheOpulentAmish

— Happy Hubby in the Slowly Defrosting North (@Skip1706) April 15, 2018

Seth, you have no idea how much of the below the line personnel hold you in contempt. My job brings me into contact with blue collar Hollywood frequently and it’s a different world from yours.

— epobirs (@epobirs) April 15, 2018

Turn off CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC too Seth. It’s all distraction. “Hollywood Elite” refers to the money machine, not the laborers you’re attempting to include. They’re subject to the same propaganda that the machine pays for, as well as reliance on paychecks from those elites.

— Rick Lawson (@RickLawson1) April 15, 2018

But Trump?

OR…You could watch more than one. To assert that Fox is worse than MSNBC is misleading. Watch both. Watch all. Listen to those you don’t agree. Read. Think then for yourself.

— Kurt Defenbaugh (@kurtdefenbaugh) April 15, 2018

Wait, think for yourself?

Psh, Seth is a Hollywood elite, he hasn’t thought for himself in decades.

I liked you so much better when you were funny.

— Chad Williamson (@cwill_2013) April 15, 2018

And curtain.


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