‘Because YOU’RE even worse’: Jonathan Chait tries shaming Never Trump to switch parties, FAILS spectacularly

Awww yes, this photo of Mitt Romney looking like he just smelled a fart while he had dinner with Trump.

What a stupid time to be alive.

And speaking of a stupid, Jonathan Chait wants to know why Never Trumpers aren’t willing to support the opposing party to Trump, aka the Democrats.

Why aren’t more Never Trumpers willing to support the opposing party? https://t.co/xs6bNOuQpG pic.twitter.com/wuYh1J4h0n

— Jonathan Chait (@jonathanchait) April 16, 2018

From NY Magazine:

Over the long run, the country needs two small-d-democratic parties that are tethered to empirical reality. The GOP has no ability to be a party like that and no short-term prospects of becoming one. Even restoring the party to its relative sanity of a decade ago — a time when many Republicans agreed that the GOP was in dire need of reform — seems unimaginably ambitious from the standpoint of today. There comes a time when trying to patch things up and hoping for better days ceases to be a responsible choice, and one must conclude that the Republican Party’s straightest path to salvation runs through a cleansing fire of electoral destruction.

This editor thinks Jonathan is out of his ever-loving mind.

But that’s nothing new.

And c’mon man. Never Trump doesn’t mean, ‘Ok, maybe Democrats now.’


The Women’s March denied pro-life women’s groups participation, women who despise Donald Trump. That didn’t matter. That’s your answer @jonathanchait https://t.co/ByR9Gh8rSt

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) April 16, 2018

One answer, yup.

Is @jonathanchait suggesting, without saying it, that a national Democrat candidate could EVER survive confessing a love for eating Chick-fil-A? That Twitter mob would be awesome. Not spicy chicken deluxe meal awesome, but close.

— Blame Big Government (@BlameBigGovt) April 16, 2018


Because you’re even worse.

— Jim Treacher is a dumb pseudonym (@jtLOL) April 16, 2018


It would be a mistake to confuse my disgust of Trump, what he’s doing to my firmer party and what he’s doing to conservatism as support of big government progressive policies #BothPartiesSuck

— NeverEither (@Orangeblood2012) April 16, 2018

There ya’ go.

1) There isn’t just one “opposing party,”
2) Because those “Never Trumpers” are largely either a. conservatives who have very different policy preferences from the Dems or b. establishment/moderates whose influence depends on their membership in the GOP

— just alan (@anythingbutdem) April 16, 2018

Binary thinkers will never really grasp the Never Trump movement.

Mr. Chait, you clearly have put a lot of thought into this piece, but my concern and my question is who the target audience is? Are you writing to R dissidents or to D’s? Para II seems very insulting to those very Rs you wish to join the D party.

— Federalist Taylor (@flyfischer4428) April 16, 2018

Fair point.

From a Federalist.

Um, bcause we don’t think in terms of just A or B, Left or Right, Pepsi or Coke. Oddly enough we can be critical of and not 100% subservient to our own party, unlike, obviously, yourself.

I know objectivity is a strange concept working for NYMAG, but it does exist in real life.

— Politically agnostic (@joeleyare) April 16, 2018

We’re not lemmings, Mr. Chait.

They are anti-Liberal. It’s not hard

— HICKORY (@claydirtman) April 16, 2018

Surely someone as astute yourself and being a writer for such a broadminded publication should understand that Never Trump is about principals…and there were at least 15 other candidates on my 2016 POTUS ballot. Many of use exercised our right to use that.

— Tony Pirkl (@tpirkl) April 16, 2018

Because the Democrats are eliminationist and have no intent in advancing conservative policies in a give-or-take bargaining situation. They would use our votes and then pass policies against us anyway.

— ❤️ Jayvie ❤️ (@OneFineJay) April 16, 2018

Because they trust you whining tantrum babies less than they do Trump. Next question…

— Mike Bullard (@bullimusmaximus) April 16, 2018

#NeverTrump is really Never-Democrat”

Yes. You get it. We opposed Trump bc he’s really a Democrat populist. As opposed to a Democrat elitist, which is what Hillary was.

How did it take you so long to figure this out?

— The Quick Draw Podcast (@Ornery_Opinions) April 16, 2018

Because you people are more insane than trump is.

— Milton Friedman (@GodTexasCountry) April 16, 2018

Because not liking Trump isn’t the same as hating America.

— Joel (@Jamisen) April 16, 2018

Because we don’t belong in the Democratic Party any more than in the Trump Party.

— Patrick Chovanec (@prchovanec) April 16, 2018

And most of us are politically homeless.

But that doesn’t mean any of us are interested in shacking up with the Democrats.


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