This again? New York Magazine explains how Cynthia Nixon has ‘already won’

“Sex and the City” actress Cynthia Nixon announced back in March that she was running for governor of New York, and that has already produced some hot takes in the media.

New York Magazine seems to be more excited than most about Nixon’s bid to run the state and featured her on its cover with the announcement that she’s “already won” — not at the ballot box, but by pushing current Gov. Andrew Cuomo further to the left.

New this issue: @CynthiaNixon has already won by moving the governor to the left. And she’s beginning to think she just might win the whole thing. @jpressler reports

— New York Magazine (@NYMag) April 16, 2018

She can win.

We can win.

— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) April 16, 2018

Jessica Pressler writes that the main reason Nixon is running isn’t Cuomo, though, but — shocker! — Donald Trump:

… Like many liberals, Nixon was shocked and shaken by the outcome of the 2016 election, and while she’d gone to the Women’s March, wearing a pink pussy hat and saying Washington had “better think twice about messing with women,” it hadn’t seemed like quite enough. “There was this sense that politics was now intensely personal in a way that it had never been before,” she told me in her apartment. “It felt like if we wanted to fight against the Trump agenda, we really had to do everything we could to get involved. Including running for office.”

As she saw it, Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic governor of New York, was the Trump in her own backyard.

So even if Nixon loses, New York State wins, because Gov. Cuomo will be forced to be even more progressive — if that’s possible — to compete, right?

Guys, click bait like this is how we got Trump.

Will the media never learn? Nixon is polling poorly and has no chance.

— Resist. Register. Vote. (@emigre80) April 16, 2018

She’s down by 47%

— Kid Phantasm (@cbbruuno) April 16, 2018

Worth noting that Cuomo is still ahead in the polls by a landslide margin among registered Democrats

— Danny Spewak (@DannySpewakWGRZ) April 16, 2018

How much does this reek?

— Sammy Beach (@OccupyDisabled) April 16, 2018

I may be vastly overestimating my New York credentials here, but it seems to me anyone who thinks Cynthia Nixon can become governor of New York state by running on a platform to improve MTA has literally never been north of Westchester.

— Dion Rabouin (@DionRabouin) April 16, 2018

Yes, because New York has no problems with the budget.

— Roy Abrams (@RQA) April 16, 2018

She has zero experience, she’s clearly unwilling to come up thru the ranks and she’s going to lose but she’s a Berner so let’s just elevate her. 😶

— SouthernMom🌞 (@MauraLeeLang) April 16, 2018

I love this whole “Actually you’ve won… by not winning” spiel that centrists give the left anytime anyone a tiny bit to the left of Joe Biden becomes slightly popular.

— exiled idiot (@martsendo) April 16, 2018

Here’s an interesting find …

But see also:

— StanYeahMan (@StanYeahMan) April 16, 2018


‘She’s gonna get CREAMED’: Cynthia Nixon needs to do better than THIS to beat Andrew Cuomo

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) March 26, 2018

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