Pretend district attorney Sam Waterston ready to take to the streets if Rod Rosenstein is fired

We’re old enough to remember when a bunch of Hollywood actors like Martin Sheen, who played the president on TV, thought they could flip the Electoral College to Hillary Clinton by shooting a video.

Well, they couldn’t swing President Jed Bartlet this time around for a video defending Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, but they did manage to come up with “Law and Order” star Sam Waterston rallying the masses to take to the streets if Rosenstein is fired by President Trump.

“Law & Order” star Sam Waterston comes to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s defense

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) April 16, 2018

It’s nice that CNN is doing casting announcements now:

America’s best known TV prosecutor came out of retirement Monday with a call to action in defense of embattled Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Speaking direct to camera in a new two-minute web video, Sam Waterston — who played Manhattan district attorney Jack McCoy on NBC’s hit crime series “Law & Order” for 16 years — expressed concern about reports that President Donald Trump is considering firing Rosenstein and urged people to commit to peaceful protests if that happens.

He knows he’s an actor… not a real DA, right?

— Mike Opelka (@stuntbrain) April 16, 2018

CNN knows this guy is just an actor right?

— Mujahed Kobbe (@Moj_kobe) April 16, 2018

It’s not worth the effort to try and mock this… it’s just bananas.

— Dani The Girl (@NewYearsDani) April 16, 2018

And Doogie Howser suggests a cure for menstrual cramps. CNN is a real clown show.

— Sammy (@ConsGramma) April 17, 2018

Tune into CNN next week as they interview the entire cast of the Beverly Hillbillies about the role of the oil industry in American politics.

— Adam Lema (@Nockahoma) April 16, 2018

And the acting lawyer pick of the day is…..

— Cowboy 🏇🤠 (@Cowboy__Country) April 16, 2018

When one considers the number of times his character was reprimanded for playing it fast and loose with the law, this just gets funnier and funnier.

— Virginia Kruta (@VAKruta) April 17, 2018

Waterson is only a pretend lawyer. You know .. like all you @CNN folk pretend to be journalists.

— JeffMcIrish-ExGOP-Still Conservative (@JeffMcIrish) April 16, 2018

This means absolutely nothing.

Yet, you’re ‘reporting’ it.

— Just Sham 🇺🇸 (@itsShamsFault) April 16, 2018

“Bill Nye, the Politics Guy”

— Mike Partyka (@MichaelJPartyka) April 16, 2018

Guys. He’s an actor.

— alrightythen (@jeeezelouise) April 16, 2018

Because mixing TV celebrity and politics has served America so well

— Elizabeth Williamson (@NYTLiz) April 16, 2018

Here’s the spot if anyone’s interested:

Trump claimed he’d be a “law and order” president. Take it from Sam Waterston: He’s been anything but.

Trump is threatening to fire Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein. We need to be ready to take to the streets if he does. Text FIRED to 21333 to find a protest near you.

— Stand Up America (@StandUpAmerica) April 16, 2018

“We need to be ready to take to the streets?” When hasn’t the Left been in the streets since November 2016?


UH OH! Alyssa Milano plots next anti-Trump #Resistance move ‘if they fire Mueller’

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) October 29, 2017

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