Social media hates on Lena Dunham’s essay about social media hating her teeth

Lena Dunham has never been one to shy away from subjects that make people uncomfortable, and the internet has always been quick to respond.

@lenadunham When I tell my son I am reading an article about someone worried about whitening their teeth because of what people thought of her on the internet, he replied “She needs to grow up.” Bravo on leaving well enough alone.

If Lena Dunham wants to write a whole article about her teeth, whatever, vain…. Please talk about how orthodontia is very expensive (as is dental insurance). We got primo dental ins. a few years ago so I FINALLY got my teeth fixed.

@lenadunham you misinterpreted the message. The internet doesn’t like ALL of you. @voguemagazine why do you give this person a platform?!? ‍♀️

Hey @lenadunham Your smile is the most adorable thing about you. Thanks for offering some dignity to us “common folk” with honest smiles

She might consider other “fixes.”

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