BRUTAL! Donna Brazile’s claim that Dems were ‘crime victims’ gets painfully CHECKED by Dan Bongino

Maybe Donna missed it, but during the time she’s claiming the Democrats were ‘crime victims,’ Obama was president

Why is she screeching at Trump to protect them when their own party wouldn’t do it?

Democrats were crime victims. If Trump won’t protect elections, we will: @donnabrazile via @usatoday

— Donna Brazile (@donnabrazile) April 22, 2018

Not to mention, Donna, you gave Hillary debate questions ahead of time giving Hillary an unfair advantage against Bernie.

You remember that, right?

This is a real tweet. From Brazile’s actual account. And no, she’s not giving comedy a try, she really posted this to twitter.

— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) April 24, 2018

We stopped being shocked by their painful lack of self-awareness months (years) ago, but this was pretty bad.

Even for Donna.

Remind me again under which administration this happened?

You know the previous guy.

Something with an ‘O’?

It was under the guy who liked to legislate by executive order and who’s entire “legacy” is being reversed by Trump, It’s at the tip of my tongue, come on!

Oh, Obama!

— Eli Levine 🐻🐨🐼 (@Eli_A_Levine) April 24, 2018

That was him!

Bless your heart…

— Just June (@MissJitter) April 24, 2018


If you want to know what democrats are doing, or did, listen to what they accuse Republicans of

— Matthew (@zypldot) April 24, 2018

That. ^

Every time.

Hello pot, meet kettle!

— Gary R. (@Gary_12thMan) April 24, 2018

Maybe start with Bernie Sanders and how you guys cheated him out of that primary 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

— William (@LastWordWilliam) April 24, 2018


You have Got to be Sh*****g me.

— Lee Boho (@LeeBoho1) April 24, 2018

This is a tweet from a woman who knows @realDonaldTrump has much, much bigger fish to fry.

— Sheik Yerbouti (@YerboutiSheik) April 24, 2018

I don’t think she knows what it means to “protect” elections.

— Matt Covfefe (@Memearchist) April 24, 2018

Donna wants to protect elections from the voters.

— Fake News Pundit (@Woozle_Hunter) April 24, 2018


@donnabrazile So you’re finally going to give the DNC server to the FBI? If that was the hack, why won’t the DNC turn it over for examination?

— Chelsea Lager (@LagerChelsea) April 24, 2018

Said the lady that gave information to Mrs said the lady that gave questions to Mrs. Bill Clinton. On Nov 5, 2017 she stayed on cnn that she found no evidence that democratic primary was rigged. No credibility

— TheUKDude (@TheUKDude1) April 24, 2018


Sounds like what we really need to do is protect elections from Democrats.


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