Hot take from WaPo and Vox: Republicans critical of Trump should vote Democrat to rein him in

We didn’t suspect that pieces like these were going to become a trend, but now that they have, we’re not at all surprised.

After all, there are still plenty of Republicans who consider themselves #NeverTrump, and there are midterms coming up, so what’s a member of the GOP who doesn’t back the president supposed to do?

Put country over party, of course … which somehow always equates to voting Democrat.

This was Max Boot’s take in The Washington Post Monday:

Republicans critical of Trump should be urging voters to support Dems, because that is the only way to rein in a president who threatens the rule of law. But precious few do so, because of a combo of self-delusion & self-interest. Me in @PostOpinions:

— Max Boot (@MaxBoot) April 23, 2018

This way of thinking exists with about 50 guys who make their living in D.C. and think they’re ALMOST back in power. No normal person thinks this way.

— Jesse Kelly® (@JesseKellyDC) April 24, 2018

“Country over party” always seems to involve letting Democrats win. 🤔

— (@instapundit) April 23, 2018

Sorry, can someone remind me if @MaxBoot complained about Barack Obama’s serial violations of the rule of law and his opposition to the Constitution as written? Because it is well documented.

— Rand Simberg (@Rand_Simberg) April 25, 2018

That’s right-vote for today’s Democrats, because they are ever-so attentive to maintaining strict Constitutional order.

— John Salmon (@JohnSalmon859) April 24, 2018

Max: “Republicans critical of Trump should be urging voters to support Dems, because that’s the only way to rein in a president who threatens the rule of law”

The same democrats thumbing their nose at federal immigration law?

Got it, Dems are the ‘rule of law party’ now.


— Jamestown (@CifJamestown) April 24, 2018

“If you’re worried about Trump threatening your rights, you should vote for Democrats who want to trample #1A and #2A for starters…”

— TomJefferson (@TomJefferson30) April 24, 2018

Sorry Max, I can’t join you here. There are plenty of institutional methods to rein in the President that do not involve me walking away from virtually every political principle I’ve ever held dear.

— Bryan McGrath (@ConsWahoo) April 23, 2018

Not a chance! They should keep holding his feet to the fire, constitutionally.

Dems today have no interest in keeping their oath.

— Marlena (@reallyraisin) April 24, 2018

Specifically, what the rule of law Trump is allegedly flaunting?

— Newt’s Law (@NewtInMotion) April 24, 2018

Absent from this piece is any explanation of how Trump threatens the rule of law any more than some of his predecessors did. Kind of an important part of the argument, isn’t it?

— Mo Mo (@molratty) April 24, 2018

“Republicans should elect Democrats because I have still have sand in my ass over 2016.”

Hard pass.

— Vanity Fair Editor, Okay Contributor, Okay Reader (@JimDelRey) April 24, 2018

What should Democrats critical of Pelosi and Schumer do?

— John Rambo (@JohnJ2427) April 24, 2018

“I don’t support some of the things Trump is doing.”
“Vote for Democrats!”
“But I really don’t like anything Democrats want to do.”
“You’re a partisan hack contributing to the coarsening of our culture and everything wrong in the world, idiot!”

— Derek Hunter (@derekahunter) April 24, 2018

If Boot’s argument didn’t convince the #NeverTrump crowd to side with the Democrats to protect the rule of law, maybe a follow-up Tuesday at Vox would do it. This time it was David Roberts’ turn to convince Republicans to vote Democrat:

There is no anti-Trump faction of the GOP. If Never Trumpers believe he is a threat to American democracy, they should vote for Democrats, writes @drvox.

— Vox (@voxdotcom) April 24, 2018

We’re sensing a pattern here:

So odd that leftist fringe Vox is calling for the exact same thing at the exact same time Max Boot is. Weird 🤔

— Just Sham 🇺🇸 (@itsShamsFault) April 25, 2018

The only way to hold Trump accountable is to become a Democrat, says the Democrat.

— Fusilli Spock (@awstar11) April 25, 2018

Blow me….

— EducatédHillbilly™ (@RobProvince) April 25, 2018


— Chad Felix Greene (@chadfelixg) April 25, 2018

This only ever applies to Republicans, of course

— Utterly Purple (@DefiantlyFree) April 25, 2018

Just because we’re not fans of Trump doesn’t mean we’re irretrievably stupid enough to support Dems. Get a grip.

— Sam ‘The🐰FOO’ Janney (@PolitiBunny) April 25, 2018

No. @Drvox

— The Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion) April 25, 2018

Every week, even twice a week, a new, No True Scotsman, concern-trolling piece comes out BEGGING Trump-unhappy GOP/Conservatives to vote for Democrats.

It’s EXHAUSTING. Worse, it’s BORING.

— ❤️ Jayvie ❤️ (@OneFineJay) April 25, 2018

What if you think Democrats are also a threat to American democracy?

— RBe (@RBPundit) April 24, 2018

“People who disagree with the President should vote for a party that is running farther to the left and rejects any moderation.” – A Voxtake

— p-Daniel Vaughan (@dvaughanCI) April 25, 2018

Right! And my face is so bad in all my selfies I’m considering cutting off my nose to see if that helps!

— NarcissisticNarwhal (@NecroticNewt) April 25, 2018

So… Anti Trump GOPers should vote for gun grabbing, abortion loving statists to prove their disapproval of Trump? Nooooooooooooooooope

— Michele Frost (@michelelfrost) April 25, 2018

No. That’s insane.

— Evil Red Kid (@_SOURKIDZ_) April 25, 2018

After the antics the Left has engaged in against nearly everything I believe, while insulting the same, I think not.

— Jason B. Whitman (@JasonBWhitman) April 25, 2018

Whose turn is it Wednesday to run the exact same piece?


‘YOU’RE even worse’: Jonathan Chait tries shaming Never Trump to switch parties, FAILS spectacularly

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) April 16, 2018

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