Headline News anchor has ‘URGENT’ news about Trump’s views on the Iran deal

We’re sorry we missed this tweet Tuesday, seeing now how urgent it was, but we can try to make up for it by covering it today.

As President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron were addressing the press Tuesday, Trump made some comments about the Iran deal that HLN anchor Carol Costello quickly tweeted out as “urgent” — not just “breaking,” but URGENT:

#Urgent: President Trump says Iran deal is “insane” and “ridiculous”

— Carol Costello (@CarolHLN) April 24, 2018

Well, we see why she didn’t use “Breaking.”

Thank you, Carol, for this breaking news story from the 2016 campaign trail. We look forward to any polls you may have to tell us which way voting will go come November 8, 2016. https://t.co/af9u6QemI6

— Jared A. Chambers (@C4CEO) April 24, 2018

Is this a resurfaced tweet from 2016? I feel like I’ve seen this before… maybe at every single Trump rally? https://t.co/3KQ7YWFCmc

— Kassy Dillon (@KassyDillon) April 24, 2018

He’s been saying that for a long time. pic.twitter.com/dLbtn9VOEf

— Sherri (@SociallySherri) April 24, 2018

Um?? Where have you been? Trump has been saying this since he was still on the campaign trail. https://t.co/9Dgjpahosq

🇺🇸John #KAG‼🇺🇸🇺🇸🚂👊 (@JohnCooper0610) April 24, 2018

Urgent? We all knew this and President Trump has said this for 2 years or more. https://t.co/UIY22BFpis

— Jamie C. (@JamieLynnLVN) April 24, 2018

Alert from #SleepyHollow apparently. #RVW https://t.co/BEgWZ7ophr

— David Maddox (@HornsUp4Texas) April 24, 2018

Have you just crawled out from under a rock? Have you been in a coma? He has been saying this for the last 2-1/2 years!!#notwoke #behindthepowercurve #payattentionmuch? https://t.co/zr8hFf9eRv

— Foghorn Leghorn, PhD (@APMcKeownTX) April 24, 2018

Have you been asleep for 2 years? He’s been saying this all along. Wake up dummy. https://t.co/tdTnn3icSB

— Nicky J Bell (@Nbell3) April 24, 2018

Urgent. Breaking News. Wait. What? https://t.co/AA7UP9wIZw

— James (@NoGunsNoGlory) April 24, 2018

BREAKING: CNN gal wakes up from a coma. https://t.co/trgLEgYGjA

— CNN is Communist Propaganda (@ShillForHillary) April 24, 2018

He’s right. And has been saying this for 2 years. Where have you been? https://t.co/udJmbuciyl

— kerry (@K1erry) April 24, 2018

BREAKING: Media struggling to deal w/Trump being right abt the Iran deal. https://t.co/Ct0HoFfCfN

— Ben Crystal (@Bennettruth) April 24, 2018

Newsflash @CarolHLN It IS insane and ridiculous. https://t.co/ZjdqCI8YsP

— Senior Chief (@SMCS_SW_AW) April 24, 2018

He’s not wrong. https://t.co/JGALsOJDxg

— John Thomas (@TheThomasGuide) April 24, 2018

Also Urgent breaking news:

Hillary lost. https://t.co/YYdXvuekJb

🇺🇸 Doug🌟Switch625 (@Doug625) April 24, 2018


‘This is HUGE’: Are you ready for CNN’s hot scoop on Walmart’s CEO? https://t.co/iLZLgiunao

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) April 23, 2018

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