KARMA: Dana Loesch tweets photo of Sheriff ‘No Confidence’ Israel with her at CNN Town Hall, WINS Twitter

You all remember this guy, right? The sheriff who stood on a stage in front of thousands and thousands of people at CNN’s Town Hall and blamed the NRA and by default Dana Loesch and all legal gun owners for the mass shooting atrocity at Marion Stoneman Douglas.

This same sheriff got a vote of no confidence from his own deputies last week … ouch, right?

Wonder when he plans to apologize to Dana and to other legal gun owners in this country.

This guy got a vote of NO CONFIDENCE last week 534-94 by his own Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association. Union Prez Jeff Bell said “He fails to listen to the membership and he wants to blame everybody else for his problems.” Scott may remove him. https://t.co/9rTCStIyBb pic.twitter.com/bxb368aO8J

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) April 28, 2018

That Dana pinned this tweet … we so love that.

Look at that face, she OWNED him.

He revealed his true character during your interaction with him. Bye! 👋🏼

— Mike Mason (@MikeMason830) April 28, 2018

Yep. And I knew the night of the townhall that his own deputies disliked him. It was crystal clear watching the interactions backstage.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) April 28, 2018

What a schmuck.

Dear Mr. Israel- say “buh bye”.

— Sleve McDichael (@SeahawkBurrrton) April 30, 2018

He’s a political stooge. BrowardCo SD has had a troublesome culture for yrs.

— USRoute41 (@USRoute41) April 28, 2018

Maybe Hillary will give him a job on her resistance team. Would fit right in.

— Anton Pagi (@AntonPagi) April 28, 2018


And hey, maybe.

Wow.. over 500 deputies said No to this guy. What does that tell ya.. #timetogoBob

— Pilot in Command (@KenGonzales32) April 28, 2018

Tells us what we already knew … he stinks.

@DLoesch in my more than 40 years experience, whenever a law enforcement leader receives a vote of no confidence, they normally resign within a few days of being notified of such results. I can count on one finger how many have not and you’re looking at him right now. #Shame

— The Joey Lowe (@JoeyaLowe) April 29, 2018

As far as we know he’s still there.

And yes, he is shameful.


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