‘PLEASE F**K OFF!’ John Kerry can take his statement on the Iran Deal and SHOVE IT

Oh, thank God. John Kerry has finally weighed in on the collapse of the Iran Deal:

My thoughts on President Trump’s Iran statement: pic.twitter.com/E5A12PKnnx

— John Kerry (@JohnKerry) May 8, 2018

That’s nice, dear.

Nobody cares what you think and your passport should be revoked. https://t.co/X78VodxKCM

— Tom (@BoreGuru) May 8, 2018

John Kerry is hardly in any position to lecture on the importance of America’s moral standing on the world stage. With his help, Barack Obama emboldened despotic regimes like Iran. John Kerry helped to cause damage that will take years to undo.

With all respect Mr Kerry, please f**k off! And I’m from Iran! You and the administration you served as the secretary of state helped the tyranny regime of Iran to continue to subtle development of their nuclear program.

— Ted Niki (@Ted_Niki) May 8, 2018

Then you should have never made this deal happen. You and Obama were complete failures to every American so now @POTUS is righting your wrong

— Greg Rickman (@SnrFix) May 8, 2018

Weakens our security? No the only thing that weakened our security was you and Obama.

— Joey (@joey2900) May 8, 2018

Your so called legacy is ruined lol

— Jacob (@JacobCohen78) May 8, 2018



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