‘THAT’S A LIE!’ David Frum’s weak Iran Deal defense gets truth nuked into oblivion

President Trump’s announcement that the U.S. would be leaving the Iran Deal that the Obama administration entered into has caused an uproar, and David Frum’s among the concerned:

Sorry before everyone settles into sex and corruption cable, a last Iran deal thought: I distrusted the deal going in. Still do. But it’s now a pledge of the United States, relied on by many nations, now retracted by a man who doesn’t understand either its good points or its bad

— David Frum (@davidfrum) May 8, 2018

That sounds a lot like it’s the symbolism that matters instead of the substance. Also, was it really a “pledge of the United States”? Many weren’t having any of that and served up reality checks:

IT was NOT. THATS A LIE! It was a pledge of OBAMA , who by passed Congressional authority! #stopthelies

— PatR (@NoParty2016) May 9, 2018

An executive agreement is not a pledge of the United States. A treaty would be. That Barack Obama didn’t submit it to the Senate reflects his acknowledgment #IranDeal would never stand as “a pledge of the United States” https://t.co/eqXcmPZgVs

— Benjamin Weingarten (@bhweingarten) May 9, 2018

Obama’s refusal to seek Senate approval made it a pledge of the Obama Administration, and nothing more. You know this, David. Stop pretending that this deal was ever anything more than that.

— Chibi James Madison (@trueholygoat) May 9, 2018

No it wasn’t. Its a deal made by one man, Obama, outside the constitutional requirements for a treaty. Stop misleading people that the country violated a treaty.

— B. Steve White (@bstevewhite) May 9, 2018

The perfect David Frum tweet combines moral preening with a waffling policy stance. https://t.co/vn9VIPfEbz

— Waco Letters (@WacoLetters) May 9, 2018

Again, this alone – in the context of a pledge never ratified by the Senate – is not a reason to keep a bad deal. Especially when it was & is vigorously opposed by our #1 ally in the region. https://t.co/k65n2uRr49

— Dan McLaughlin (@baseballcrank) May 9, 2018

No, it was a pledge of one branch of the government of the United States, entered into with no approval from elected officials from individual states who are empowered by the constitution to ratify treaties. https://t.co/Nomm0qj1hy

— Peter Cook (@_Peter_Cook) May 9, 2018


It was never a pledge of the United States. It was a pledge of Barack Obama. To be a pledge of the United States it needed to be a treaty and needed to be ratified by 67 senators.

In case you are confused. Please read this:https://t.co/q8WQzVyWOM

— Rob Eno (@Robeno) May 9, 2018

It was not a pledge by the United States, it was a pledge by an Obama who had no authority beyond “phone and pen.”

And let’s not forget it was Obama who violated W’s pledge to leave Quaddafi alone if he gave up his nuke program.

Treaties matter. It’s called the Constitution. https://t.co/cwa2dvuizj

— ‘Sources Say’ is Greek for ‘Fake News’ (@NolteNC) May 9, 2018

“Has anyone seen my pen or my phone? I left them both right here next to my lega…………..has anyone seen my legacy?!?”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

💋Honey Badger 🐾 (@nickie_greer) May 9, 2018

It was never a pledge of the United States. One of deal’s greatest flaws was precisely that it lacked popular & congressional support. It was a contrivance of the Obama admin. Live by executive fiat, die by executive fiat. https://t.co/3cShTwMSQJ

— Noah Pollak (@NoahPollak) May 9, 2018

Your Legacy? I found it. pic.twitter.com/6jG9tEtmwR

— Jere in TN (@JereCTN) May 9, 2018




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