OMG so triggered! Ben Shapiro tweets the key to Trump’s successful week, PISSES off Obama zombies

Trump has had a helluva week, between bringing three American hostages home from North Korea to capturing five top ISIS officials, dude is kicking a*s and taking names.

And in a big way.

Hey, even if you’re not a huge Trump supporter, you have to admit this has been a good week for ‘The Donald.’

Ben Shapiro has figured out his secret though …

Trump having himself an amazing week. As always, all he had to do was think “What Would Obama Do?” And then do the opposite.

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) May 10, 2018


We knew it.

Nailed it. And you know how we know he nailed it? The way Obama zombies responded to the thread … holy cow.

Ben, don’t you know anything! Trump is just taking credit for this great week that Obama had 2 years ago!

— Kenny Blankenship (@dustin_or_gtfo) May 10, 2018


Dude, calm down.

With bombshells exploding and innocent women & children being killed, genocide being committed all over the world & American values & institutions under attack only an idiot would consider this a good week. #grievancepolitics

— Pay To Play (@DavidSm48146504) May 10, 2018




You know what, never mind.

You be you.

He does the opposite of what any person with information, experience and expertise would do. The man is a contrarian idiot that managed to get lucky but this streak cannot hold and has probably already passed.

— Steamer (@simimark03) May 10, 2018


You know that face you make when someone has a Coexist bumper sticker on their hybrid?

Just made that face.

Let’s hope that attitude doesn’t disrupt the 91 straight months of job growth, the falling unemployment rate or the upward trending stock market. It has already adversely impacted the number of insured Americans.

— Empath Mathematics (@PMPAnalogyKing) May 10, 2018

Man, liberals must be a lot of fun at birthday parties.

All you have to do is keep reference Obama to judge Trumps actions, can they not carry merit on their own? You’re a fake supporter

— Curtis White (@curtisewhite) May 10, 2018

We can’t even.

Obama got 11 hostages released. Always in a low key way. I bet if Trump had been POTUS when UBL was whacked. He would have held a press conference with ST6. Outing all of them.

— BrokenSkydiver (@Skydiver1963) May 10, 2018

11 in eight years.

Trump brought three home in 18 months.

Oh, and captured five ISIS bad guys.

But hey, whatevs.

Dumb tweet

— Robert Fetrow (@cane4) May 10, 2018

Your mom is a dumb tweet.

Thats probably the weakest tweet from you Ive ever read.

— Hoose (@terencetboyle) May 10, 2018

Psh. Some people are so sensitive.

Truth hurts?


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