D’OH! Chris Cuomo says ‘leaking’ makes for good journalism, then it just gets AWKWARD cuz CNN

First and foremost, let this editor say that trying to cover Chris Cuomo’s timeline in ANY way is often a lesson in futility because the man quote-tweets EVERYONE and never actually has a conversation because he’s shaking his Twitter thang for his followers.


Dude, just hit reply once in awhile, there’s no shame in it.

Anyway, from what we can tell, it looks like Chris Cuomo was discussing how Avenatti had the wrong Cohen …

if a journalist ran with a list of the wrong michael cohens and their private banking transactions, and didnt have a really good explanation of how they got it wrong, they may be going back to law post haste. https://t.co/UaQKFDSln5

— Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) May 10, 2018

So fake news.


He went on.

source of avenatti material may be relelvant but leaks are often fundamental to good journalism. the question is how info is vetted before publication. we know the payments to cohen llc – $ millions – are real…but avenatti doc exposes wrong cohens records, and thats a problem https://t.co/XvoF4bEODD

— Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) May 10, 2018

Wait, what?

Ok, so he just said that a journalist should have a really good explanation for why something is wrong, but then says the source of the Avenatti isn’t as important as a ‘leaking’ which is fundamental to good journalism.

He does realize he works for CNN, yes?

I am amused by how all you supposed journalists are suddenly so defensive of pay to play.

— Into the mystic (@mauromag1) May 10, 2018

They are.

not me…it happens and it is wrong. STOPPING the peddling of access and influence is something trump sold to voters as a major promise…and to have his personal lawyer this deep in that game – while not illegal – is very swampy. https://t.co/KcrVL0scAx

— Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) May 10, 2018

Chris says he’s not defensive in an awfully defensive manner …


Avenatti is a plant. The payments obviously had nothing to do with his client.

— PhillyAl (@PhillyAlB) May 10, 2018

If Avenatti is indeed a plant he better watch out for Harvey Weinstein.

Yes, this editor is a giant child.

i dont see a connection to the stormy cases, no….but thats avenatti burden. However, he info he released – the accurate parts, that is – that’s very instructive and useful to understanding cohen role in probe. https://t.co/Or2TSEpUL9

— Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) May 10, 2018


So you’re saying real journalists studied law first? Come on.

— Greg Singh (@gmsingh123) May 10, 2018

Is that what he’s saying because to be quite honest we can’t tell at this point.

breathe…read….think. I was asked about a lawyer working as a journo. my point is you publish the wrong guys’ bank records you may be going back to your old job…law in this hypo. https://t.co/tkvwpnuA9c

— Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) May 10, 2018


Its always kill the messenger with this bunch to divert off the message.Then comes the deny , then outright deception

— MoRe (@MarieMariejeep) May 10, 2018

Surely Chris ignored an account with no avi and low follower count.

and thats why the job of journalism matters as much as ever. we must test power – not to be popular, because that job brings plenty of haters, but because it is important for you. and the media works for the governed not the governors. know who said that? https://t.co/M5okdfj0Q2

— Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) May 10, 2018

Oh, guess not, because it supports him.

And there it is, how is there any journo more self-important than Chris Cuomo? Asking for a friend.

could it be? of course. do we know it is? no. prosecutors must establish what was done and why. plenty of dirty money and inside dealing is not illegal. this is the reality of the case and that place. and this is proof trump has not drained the swap. this is his gator https://t.co/gNjQIckT6z

— Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) May 10, 2018

Oh, like the hundreds of millions paid to the Clinton Foundation from Russia, while Clinton Sec of State, and while Uranium One deal underway?? I get it!!!

— Edward Raymond (@eraymond73) May 10, 2018

Hahaha. There it is: whataboutism. Argue this case. There was no criminal probe there. Nothing amounted to anything. Deal with this. https://t.co/Aa0F60GVTu

— Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) May 10, 2018

Deal with WHAT?

Dude is just a hot mess.


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