Bless his HEART! David Hogg’s 5-point platform to MAGICALLY end gun violence BACKFIRES (a lot)

Oh good, David Hogg released a five-point platform about how to best strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights … said no one, ever.

Notice how many times the word ‘ban’ pops up in this list so the next time some jack-a-ninny on the Left insists they’re not trying to take our guns you can refer them to this dumpster fire.

Comment why you do or don’t support our 5 point platform below I want to try responding to as many people as I can.

1. CDC funding for research into gun violance
2. Universal Background checks
3. Digitization of ATF records
4. High-Capacity magazine ban
5. Assault weapons ban

— David Hogg (@davidhogg111) May 11, 2018

  1. There is already funding for this. (WTF is violance?)
  2. We already have background checks.
  3. This is already happening as well.
  4. No
  5. Hell no.

Kids these days.

Oh wait, he’s 18 now, right?

1. Thy already do, stop lying about this.
2. We already do background checks, stop lying about this.
3. They already are, stop lying about this.
4. No.
5. Define “assault weapon.” But if you mean full-auto weapons, they already are, so stop lying about this.

— In Guinness Veritas (@SocrateezNutz) May 11, 2018

What he said.

1. CDC already did an extensive gun violence report for the Obama admin that showed as many as 3 million successful self-defense uses of firearms per year. That’s a lot fewer victims than without firearms.

— Toxic Masculini-G (@TCC_Grouchy) May 11, 2018

5. There is no such thing as an “assault weapon”. They do NOT function like a weapon of war, they ONLY look like them. You really want to ban something for the way it looks?

— Toxic Masculini-G (@TCC_Grouchy) May 11, 2018

Yes, yes he does.

The CDC has already hidden research about guns being used defensively. Next.

— Federalist Musket (@Patriot_Musket) May 11, 2018

You know, if gun grabbers would just take a moment to research … even just a Google, they’d realize how dense they look when they call for laws that ALREADY FREAKIN’ EXIST.

6. Deputies with balls.

— Federalist Musket (@Patriot_Musket) May 11, 2018


I’m a researcher of antisocial behavior trajectories in childhood leading to crimes later in life.
I’m fine with violence* research.
I’m not agreeing to a high capacity magazine ban or an “assault weapons” ban.
I was just recently brutally raped – I deserve my rights.

— elisabeth (@elisabethlehem) May 11, 2018


And yes, she does.

1. Meaningless
2. WTF is a universal background check?
3. Fine
4. Meaningless
5. It did nothing the first time.

— Ex-GOP Greg (@Flying59Vette) May 11, 2018

Hey David, a mass shooting just happened in Australia yesterday killing 7 people. Did gun control stop it? No

— Lemon 🐡🐠 (@mspuffshitposts) May 11, 2018

You mean a shooting took place in the gun-control utopia, Australia? But that would mean a bad guy disobeyed the law.


I want to have a discussion about this we may not agree on everything but I’m sure that there is some common ground

— David Hogg (@davidhogg111) May 11, 2018


Oh, our sides.

Tell us another one, David.


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