Dental practice under fire for … wait for it … cultural appropriation

Renaissance Dental of Raleigh, NC has come under fire after social justice warriors complained about an ad showing the group’s three female dentists dressed up as if they’re from Japan, America (pre-Columbus, that is) and Scotland:

I’m not smiling @nhdentists. Welcome to 2018, to America, to racism without apology. To believing this was acceptable when you published it. To not realizing it wasn’t until you were called out. We all see you.

— Megan Red Shirt-Shaw (@mredshirtshaw) May 10, 2018

LOL. The “Whitening” is happening!

“Whitening” is right.

— Jesse Wente (@jessewente) May 10, 2018

And the SJWs aren’t smiling:

I’m not smiling.

— Peggy Flanagan (@peggyflanagan) May 10, 2018

This one is “f*cking ashamed”:

And, of course, Twitchy regular DeRay had to weigh in:


— deray (@deray) May 10, 2018

The dentists have since apologized:

In one of our recent advertisements, we attempted to focus upon something that unites us…the warmth and joy behind a smile. We now realize it was ignorant and offensive, and we are truly sorry. We have learned a valuable lesson in this situation. Again, our sincere apologies.

— Renaissance Dental (@nhdentists) May 10, 2018



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