‘Thanks for making me feel loved.’ Terrence Williams’ Mother’s Day tweet is what being a mom is all about

Full transparency, this editor is a mom, and when she read Terrence’s tweet she cried a little.

There is nothing bigger, stronger, and more powerful than a mother’s love, and Terrence not only makes this point but he also champions adoption and life. In other words, it’s a damn good tweet.

See for yourself.

Happy Mother’s Day to the beautiful lady that adopted me. Not too many people adopt teenage boys especially if they already have children. Thanks for making me feel wanted and loved Thanks for showing me that blood doesn’t make family #HappyMothersDayWeekend

— Terrence K. Williams (@w_terrence) May 13, 2018

Big tears from this mom and absolutely.

Thank you, and Thank you to your Mother. God bless.

— Cinnamon 305 (@Cinnamon305) May 13, 2018

We adopted our middle son as a baby, he and his wife recently adopted a three year old….love is what counts…love is what makes a family…so glad you found yours! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

— Pam (@pmseever) May 13, 2018

We (all of your followers) have all adopted you, Terrence! We love you!

— Sean (@Sean51137958) May 13, 2018

Yup, this editor just added Terrence to her family.

She is selfless women, they don’t make them to often like her. Happy Mother’s Day to a beautiful women inside and out 💝

— Sophia 🇺🇸🦅 (@FogCutter2016) May 13, 2018

Thank you God for our mothers! pic.twitter.com/TvyYAhb94S

— JT DeGasperis (@jtdegas) May 13, 2018


She got the pick of the litter.

— Gerald (globalguy) (@GeraldGgallant) May 13, 2018

Give your mom a big hug. I too adopted two teen boys into our family and they enriched our lives tremendously. I love those boys such as much as I do my biological child. Just remember, we got to chose you boys, unlike the extended family 😉💕🤗

— Silke (@SilkePad) May 13, 2018

She is double blessed to have you for a son and to see your appreciation and love in return. All shared with the world😘 God bless you both on this special day.

— Cheryl Mason (@bluespringsmom1) May 13, 2018

Beautiful 💜 love is what truly matters 💜

— Nastasja Fleitz (@NFlajc) May 13, 2018

Love is truly what matters.

Thank you for an actual beautiful tweet. It’s a rare thing indeed. I’m happy for you all.

— cookboy (@andrewsiff) May 13, 2018

What a beautiful msg. I myself have always believed blood is not everything when it comes to family. Family is those who stand by u & stand up for u & support u. ❤️

— NNP (@naomiplummer78) May 13, 2018

What a lovely message to push on Mother’s Day, that being a mom is about loving your children, no matter where they came from, and that family doesn’t have to share the same blood to be your family.

Thank you for this, Terrence.


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