LMAO! Cameron Kasky’s dad just can’t DEAL with Kyle Kashuv’s truth about his NRA op-ed, BLOCKS him

It seems Jeff Kasky has realized his 15 minutes aren’t almost up because they never really existed … his only claim to fame that of being the father of gun-control activist, Cameron Kasky. Talk about riding on your kid’s coattails, right?

And if we ever had any doubt about whether or not Jeff’s ‘activism’ was all about Jeff, his lame op-ed on the NRA settled it.


My opinion on this issue would not fit in a tweet. @NRA @AMarch4OurLives https://t.co/MevDSkJIGt

— Jeff Kasky (@JeffKasky) May 11, 2018

From the Sun-Sentinel:

I have a specific gift that has helped me become successful in my career as a mediator. That gift is to see through all of the nonsense in an argument and break it down to the atomic level. I believe that my ability to see through the noise is extraordinarily helpful in the mediation process, but I also know — from a psychological standpoint — that it’s often helpful in the course of dispute resolution to allow the parties to vent the noise and associated facts and feelings in order to arrive more naturally at the crux of the issue.


But wait, there’s more.

Bearing in mind my skills and experience in getting to the heart of a dispute, it is obvious to me that the specific individuals in our country who are vehemently opposed to a ban on these weapons of war are members of a loosely-connected subculture of people who have been trained and encouraged to be angry. These people are convinced that they are quickly becoming culturally and ethnically disenfranchised from mainstream society. They are being told that their political and social power is being usurped by “interlopers.” They are angry that, in their perception, they’re being forgotten via the increased acceptance of minorities, ethnic and otherwise.

This reads like an article written by a very insecure man who wants us to think he’s more important than he really is.

Kyle Kashuv called him out:

Let’s play a game: how many times can I praise myself in one op-ed?

Answer: a lot https://t.co/d34OTSwQjf

— Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) May 13, 2018

“I have a JD. I am special.” https://t.co/d34OTSwQjf

— Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) May 13, 2018

So guess what Jeff did?

The Kasky kaskytocracy is collapsing after its lamentable jounrey. pic.twitter.com/6xgRfyBbWb

— Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) May 13, 2018


Oh man.

Read your opinion. Seems to have a huge amount of self fellacio as you repeatedly tell us how gifted you are and then you wander off. Hope you had fun.

— FallingDebris (@VolatileAmine) May 13, 2018

Your opinion could be summarized thusly:

“I’m really smart. You should listen to me about anything I wanna talk about. NRA supporters are dumb, gullible sad, and angry. And if you disagree, you must dumb, gullible, sad and angry that I’m so much smarter than you.” @KyleKashuv

— (((L.N. Smithee))) (@LNSmithee) May 13, 2018

Damn, you really think a lot of yourself. Guess a lifetime of participation trophies has served it’s purpose!

— Saltine Warrior (@dap260) May 13, 2018

First Op-ed I have ever read that sounds like a linkedin profile. Wow.

— uɐɯpʎɹ ssoɹ (@rossrydman) May 13, 2018

Ha! Excellent summation of the piece.

Is anyone surprised that this op-ed generated a lot of hate mail to me? Looks like I hit a nerve in the @NRA troll-farm in MOSCOW. #HiPeggy! pic.twitter.com/WpRlaXnBht

— Jeff Kasky (@JeffKasky) May 12, 2018

Yes, we’re all Russians.

You’re onto us, Jeff.

Editor’s note: During the writing of this piece, Jeff saw fit to block the editor of this piece.

How rude.


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