‘TRASH move! Your mom MUST be proud’. Cameron Kasky called OUT for vile #MothersDay tweet

If this is the first thing you think to tweet on a day like Mother’s Day, it might indeed be time to put the Twitter down. Then again, as we reported earlier, Cameron Kasky may have learned this from his dad whose name we won’t mention because we think it’s time for him to stop using his son for fame.

Here’s the tweet:

Happy Mother’s Day @realDonaldTrump pic.twitter.com/EgdjEw49DQ

— Cameron Kasky (@cameron_kasky) May 13, 2018

Just bad.

To those saying this tweet is not appropriate for Mother’s Day—- I’m simply sharing a quote from the 45th president of the United States. If you are offended by these disgusting remarks, please bring it up with him.

— Cameron Kasky (@cameron_kasky) May 13, 2018

To do this on Mother’s Day? No, we’ll take up your tweet with you, kiddo.

Trash move. Spend more time honoring your mom.

— Colonel Assault Mom (@colonel_potter) May 13, 2018

That. ^

Is your mother proud of you posting this on Mother’s Day?

— 2nd Amendment Sasquatch (@mynameissquatch) May 13, 2018

stay classy san diego

— gina annunziato 🆒 (@hellogines) May 13, 2018

Extremely weird that you chose to post this.

— Ben Jammin 🇺🇸 (@xBenJamminx) May 13, 2018

Especially on Mother’s Day.

Just seems hateful, petty, and small.

It seems like your level of class goes down every day. Poor you.

— Moshe Dahan (@moshedahan19) May 13, 2018

Honestly, we’re starting to feel sorry for Kasky if this is what his activism is turning into. At least David Hogg is trying to pretend he cares about the country (even though it’s pretty much all fail) but Cameron just seems like any other resistor wearing a pink hat.

Now do Planned Parenthood.

— He Who (@aintwesomething) May 13, 2018


Stay classy dude. Be better than this.

— Anthony Spina (@AnthonySpina94) May 13, 2018

Too late.

Well, kid, you surely make a statement. Not much else substantive to anything you mutter and continually get handled by @KyleKashuv on facts. But then again, it’s easy to mouth off with no fear of repercussion from your parents, let alone society in general bc ur a kid. Right?

— Boone (@labullish1) May 13, 2018

Listen to this, Cameron.

You got a LOT of growing up to do.


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