‘DAMNING’: Sun-Sentinel piece BLISTERS Broward County Superintendent and ENTIRE school system


We’ll say that again.


Okay who at the NRA got to the journalists at Florida Sun Sentinel? This is extremely damning on the superintendent & school system in Parkland https://t.co/7CvR9C55zq

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) May 13, 2018

From the Sun-Sentinel:

Broward Schools have grown so tolerant of misbehavior that students like Nikolas Cruz are able to slide by for years without strict punishment for conduct that could be criminal.

The culture of leniency allows children to engage in an endless loop of violations and second chances, creating a system where kids who commit the same offense for the 10th time may be treated like it’s the first, according to records and interviews with people familiar with the process.

They continued:

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel obtained Cruz’s discipline records, reviewed discipline policies and found:

— Students can be considered first-time offenders even if they commit the same offenses year after year.

— The district’s claim of reforming bad behavior is exaggerated.

— Lenient discipline has an added PR benefit for the district: lower suspensions, expulsions, and arrests along with rising graduation rates.


But the NRA!

Jesus Christ why hasn’t Dana Loesch been fired yet? pic.twitter.com/QgwKdruZ8o

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) May 13, 2018

Right?! Get the torches and pitchforks!

Just an absolute brilliant move on that town hall CNN.

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) May 13, 2018

Stay golden, CNN.


— PapaHarding (@PapaHarding) May 13, 2018



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