‘Welcome to YOUR legacy’! How can Ben Rhodes EVER sleep again after THIS?

The death toll is mounting among Palestinian protesters storming the fence at the Israel-Gaza border:

#BREAKING: US embassy @usembassyjlm set to open in Jerusalem; dozens killed in Gaza clashes https://t.co/VnKGlHKzS7 via @timesofisrael

— The Times of Israel (@TimesofIsrael) May 14, 2018

Death toll today now 41 at Israel-Gaza border, according to Palestinian health ministry. More than 90 dead since March 30.

— Evan Pérez (@evanperez) May 14, 2018

And Ben Rhodes is absolutely horrified:

This is horrifying. https://t.co/Wvz0kG08mM

— Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) May 14, 2018

It is horrifying, Ben. You know why? Because Hamas is sending these protesters to the fence in the hopes that they die and add even more fuel to the anti-Israel fire. And because Iran is reportedly bankrolling this bloodbath:

“Captured terror operatives say Hamas sends civilians to the fence, keeps its own gunmen back — ready to enter Israel if fence is breached to carry out terror attacks” https://t.co/fOCxYX1axI

— Josh Kraushaar (@HotlineJosh) May 14, 2018

More from the Times of Israel:

Iran is funding Hamas’s campaign to promote violence and attacks against Israel under the cover of mass demonstrations at the border, the Shin Bet security service said on Monday.

“From the information we have, it appears Hamas is encouraging and sending protesters to the border fence in order to carry out violent acts and damage security infrastructure. In addition, it was found that Iran is providing funding to Hamas in order for it to carry out these violent activities along the Gaza Strip’s border fence,” the Shin Bet said.

The security service did not provide specific evidence of Iranian involvement. However, Hamas has maintained relations with the Islamic Republic and reportedly drawn significant funding from Tehran.

Looking in the mirror again, Ben?

— Deplorable me (@lafranciepants) May 14, 2018

He certainly should be.

Today we found out that Iran is funding these protests*.

I wonder where they got the money for that?

*By “protests” I meant violent riots intentional attacks on Israel’s border using Palestinians as human shields. https://t.co/Ej7CvhLJJK

— (((AG))) (@AG_Conservative) May 14, 2018

It really is. Hamas and Iran should quit inciting and funding riots.

— TheLastGentleman (@AppreciatesNick) May 14, 2018

And all the while Hamas is using the cash that you shipped them to egg people into disrupting activities at the border and cause concentrated rushes in an attempt to cross. Welcome to your legacy…

— Tyler Olea (@Tyler_Olea) May 14, 2018

Funded by the money you gave Iran.

Hope you can live with what you’ve done. https://t.co/4QAUFZjnFO

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) May 14, 2018

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