YIKES! Chelsea Handler CRAZY defensive after getting schooled over LAME-AF Founding Fathers tweet

Chelsea Handler talking about our Founding Fathers like she actually understands or cares about them is a little like seeing a dog head on a human body, it’s just not right and honestly almost makes you a little sick to your stomach.

Serious amounts of derp here:

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves. They created 3 branches of government to make sure there was oversight. This Republican congress instead plays deaf, blind, and mute while a corrupt megalomaniac sells our country to the highest bidder. This is how democracy dies.

— Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) May 16, 2018

Let’s not pretend Chelsea understands thing one about the founding of this country or about how the three branches of government work. Not to mention we’re still not a Democracy, no matter how many times Democrats like her try and claim otherwise.

We are a republic, not a democracy. One would think that an “activist” such as yourself would know the fundamental basics.

— Gordon Clemons (@GordonClemons) May 16, 2018

Gordon, the woman can barely spell her own name let alone understand the fundamental basics of government.

Is that right? You’re an idiot. And a moron.

— Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) May 16, 2018


Chelsea seems a tad defensive. Sheesh.

On that note though, Gordon is right, so the idiot and moron in this back and forth is Chelsea.

someone who criticizes Trump (whom I personally don’t agree with everything he does) you sure are quick to chuck insults at whoever, stuff you have came at him for, for having a difference of opinion. Or maybe it’s because your emotions show when you’re wrong and can’t handle it

— Mike Worthington (@MikeWorth90) May 16, 2018

They do love to project, don’t they?

we’re an oligarchy republic. #corporateamerica #taxes pic.twitter.com/cjY1NZ0NQp

— Aunna_MediaPsy (@aunna_phd) May 16, 2018


Whether it’s a democracy or Republic is a moot point, the only Salient point is that Chelsea Handler has Tinker Toys for brains. Just not according to her

— david lasner (@dalasner) May 17, 2018

A moot point? Really?

But fair on Chelsea.

If only you weren’t such a bitch I’d be on your side.

— John Melendez (@stutteringjohnm) May 16, 2018


Chelsea doesn’t seem to be making any friends lately.

Take a break. You’re tired.

— Eric Christen (@ericdchristen) May 16, 2018

That’s putting it nicely.

Now do Obama and Obamacare in 2009 k thanks bye

— Loren (@LorenSethC) May 16, 2018

Is this tweet from 2015 or are you confusing your words again Chels

— gunther (@itsmegunther) May 16, 2018


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