‘Lamb’ of God? Fr. James Martin gets Sunday SCHOOLED for comparing Trump to Hitler with MS-13 ‘animals’ comment

If only the screeching, hysterical Left would have watched the whole video about what Trump really said (you know, calling MS-13 gang members the animals they are) they would have saved themselves a good deal of mockery.

But then they’d have to find something else to rage about … which we all know wouldn’t have taken them very long.

It all started here:

President Trump during California #SanctuaryCities Roundtable: “These aren’t people. These are animals.”

Full video here: https://t.co/alyS47LI5V pic.twitter.com/ifXicTHHP0

— CSPAN (@cspan) May 16, 2018

MS-13 gang members aren’t people.

They are animals.

Trump said nothing wrong here.

But leave it to Father James Martin to take him out of context and virtue signal on steroids:

Calling people animals is sinful. Every human being has infinite dignity. Moreover, this is the same kind of language that led to the extermination of Jews (“vermin”) in Germany and of Tutsi (“cockroaches”) in Rwanda. This kind of language cannot be normalized. It is a grave sin. https://t.co/5VvURONwvh

— James Martin, SJ (@JamesMartinSJ) May 16, 2018

That’s. Not. What. Trump. Said.

Side note, this editor is Catholic and writing about a Jesuit priest is tricky … that being said, his tweet is just really out of line.

And sorry Father, but Jesus is the lamb of God, just sayin’.

Perhaps you missed it, Rev, but #POTUS was directly, specifically referencing the MS13 gang – no one else – as animals. Frankly, he understated it; in fact, it’s an insult to animals. If you want to help MS13, then go preach to them instead of defending them from ivory tower.

— ((ProperGanderNews)) (@BamaStephen) May 17, 2018

Lying is a sin to. But you’re okay with that since it fits your politics

— Lone Ranger Danger Zone (@mecantyping) May 17, 2018

It’s a big one too.

Isn’t lying like this a sin, father?

— prop op (@ProperOpinion) May 17, 2018

To be charitable, perhaps Fr Martin doesn’t know the actual context.

Father, given the below clarification by Jake Tapper, will you be correcting your tweet and apologizing? Failing to do so would be flirting with the grave sin of calumny.https://t.co/JwfIwDvKUV

— Aelfred The Great (@aelfred_D) May 17, 2018

Humility, Father?

No James, it’s not. If you want to call President Trump “Aldolph Hiltler” have the balls to do so without some BS subterfuge. Hiltler gassed Jewish people, Trump is deporting illegal aliens. Not even equivalent.

— FallingDebris (@VolatileAmine) May 16, 2018

You are lying or misinformed. He was addressing a specific question about drug cartels, and murderers from MS-13.

— Terry O’ (@IrishTea1) May 17, 2018

We are hoping he’s just misinformed …

No one’s talking about extermination. Just deportation.

— I Hate The Media (@ihatethemedia) May 17, 2018

And Trump didn’t call illegal immigrants animals.


Please do yourself a big favor and watch the clip that includes the comments that were made before his remarks. 🙏🙏🙏 He is referring to MS-13.

— Bob Cook (@BobCook72) May 17, 2018

Let us pray.


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